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Access levels for EngagementHQ administrators

Know what permissions are granted to a site, hub and project admin.

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There are three types of administrators in EngagementHQ

- Site, Hub and Project. It is advisable to know your level of access, to be able to determine what actions you can perform.
The below list summarises the activities that can be performed by each of these administrators.

Site Administrator

Has complete site access to perform all actions on EngagementHQ.

Note : You cannot edit static pages like ToU, Privacy policy etc by yourself. If you wish to do so, do contact support via chat or email .

Hub Administrator 

[Available only in the Enterprise Edition of EngagementHQ]

  • Manage the Hub and all projects within the Hub

  • Can add project administrators within the Site.

  • Can create, clone, publish and archive a project within the Hub

  • Send Newsletters

  • Manage the participant database for the site- A Hub admin has access to the complete participate data (i.e. PRM), which means this access is not limited just to their allocated Hub.

  • View the dashboard of activity for the projects in the Hub

  • View the analytics pages for the projects in the Hub that includes tool reports and submissions manager.

  • View the audit trail for the projects in the Hub

  • Access the Marketplace section

  • Cannot access or view hubs other than their own.

  • Cannot view projects listed outside of their hub

Project Administrator

Has access restricted at a project level.

  • Can access and manage projects assigned to them

  • View the list of projects assigned to them

  • Create and configure the tools in their projects

  • View the dashboard of activity for the projects assigned to them

  • Work with the text analysis and survey analysis tool for their projects

  • View the reporting page for the projects assigned to them

  • Access to the help tool and content

  • View the audit trail for the projects assigned to them

  • Cannot create, delete or publish projects

  • Cannot send newsletters

  • Can't access the Participants section. However, they can download demographic reports of projects they have access to, which will have participant details associated with the respective projects.

  • Can't access the Team section

Note - You can check with your Engagement Manager or our support team on the number of site admins, hub admins and project admins that are allowed on your EngagementHQ license.

What's next?
Learn how to remove or edit an administrator user based on this understanding.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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