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Learn how to create a new project by duplicating an existing one

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This task is for users with the Site or Hub Administrator role.

You can duplicate projects from the Projects list instead of creating them from scratch. This option is helpful if you want to copy a project’s basic structure and make it easier for your Project Administrators to build content.

You can choose which elements to copy across. You can choose to copy the following:

  • Duplicate all

  • Project Images

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Tools

  • Widgets

  • Advanced Options

While you can copy widgets, most will be copied without content, except for custom widgets. However, you can use the widget copying feature to copy the content individually.

You can duplicate a project from the Projects list.

  1. Select the Duplicate button in the Action column.

  2. Enter a Project title and select Next.

  3. Enter your Project permalink and Visibility settings, then Assign groups and Assign hub. Select Next when you’re finished.

  4. Choose which Content you want to copy to your new project.

  5. Select Ok to create the copied project.

The permalink is based on the project’s title; if this is identical to an existing project, the system will add a number to the end of the permalink.

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