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Learn how to create a new project by duplicating an existing one
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Project duplication allows you to copy a project's basic structure and choose which elements you wish to copy across like the banner, project image, tags, tool content, settings, etc. The widget content is not carried across and this will have to be entered manually.

Most of your widgets will be copied empty and you can copy the required widgets using the widget copy feature, with the exception that your custom widgets will be duplicated with the content copied (e.g. Twitter, SlideShare, etc.).

To duplicate a project, in the side navigation bar, click on Projects to view the Projects page. On this page, click on the button Duplicate.

On clicking this button, the pop-up Duplicate a project appears. You will first have to enter the title for the new duplicate project.

In the next section, you can customize the project settings such as permalink, visibility, adding a group, or assigning it to a hub.

In the third section, you can choose the elements you wish to copy over.

By default, the permalink of the new duplicate project is based on its project name. It's best practice to choose a unique project name for the duplicate project. But if the project name of the duplicate is identical to that of an existing project, then a numerical is added to the permalink of the duplicate. The permalink should have a minimum of two characters, where at least one character is alphabetical (the other can be numeric or alphabet).

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