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Getting Started with EngagementHQ

Use these resources to help you get setup and prepared for your new site.

Start engaging with a new project

Learn about setting up a new project.

EngagementHQ Hubs (Enterprise Edition Only)

Find resources to help you setup and manage an enterprise Hub site.

Use the right online engagement tools

Understand how each tool can work for your next project.

Explain project information to your community

Use information widgets to inform your community about your projects.

Establish a community database and manage your engagement team

Segment your database, understand and communicate with your community and setup your engagement team with our Participant Relationship Manager (PRM).

Promote your consultation with campaigns

Use newsletters and social media to spread the word about your consultations.

Report on your consultation

Analytics to understand your community and interpret their feedback.

Closing the loop with your community

Best practice for making your community feel heard and showcasing project outcomes.

Appearance editor

How to use EngagementHQ's Appearance Editor to setup your engagement portal.

General settings

Use site settings to ensure your site works.

Privacy, Data and Information Security, Moderation, Terms and Conditions

EHQ Moderation, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Data and Information security and Third party services.

Integrations and Marketplace

Do more with EngagementHQ and integrate products like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and more...

Recorded Webinars and EHQ Demos

Learn about EHQ best practice and online engagement.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Find answers to common problems encountered.

Online Community Engagement Advice and EHQ Best Practice

A collection of EngagementHQ specific best practice advice by our Client Experience Team.

EHQ Staff Picks

Reference client sites.

Bang The Table Practice Newsletter Archive

Archive of our monthly EngagementHQ practice newsletters