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How to modify your EngagementHQ site settings

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This section deals with all the site settings that can be done at the back end for your EngagementHQ platform. Most of these fields are mandatory and need to be correctly included to ensure the site and its functions operate as required. 

You can launch your site via the Site Settings section. This button can be found at the top of the Site Setting page. Clicking on it will launch the site. That means the search engines will pick it up, the public will be able to access your site and register.

The Site Settings page comprises 7 sections as detailed below:

Site details and emails

In the Site details and emails section, you can set the below fields: 

After setting the required fields, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Project settings

From the tab Project settings, you can choose to display or hide the publishing date / last updated date of the project page, and the social media sharing icons on the project page.

  • Display date published and last updated dates - Enabling this toggle will display the published date of the project on the bottom of the page. If the project has any future changes made, the latest project updated time will be displayed on the project.

  • Display Social Media sharing icons - Users will be able to share projects and tools on various social media options like Facebook and Twitter.

Privacy & security


With the new admin interface, we now have placed all security and privacy-related content in one convenient place. These options can be found under the Privacy & security tab.

The privacy and security settings have been further divided into sections as explained below:

Admin Controls

  • Enable Lock Your Site - This will add an extra layer of security that allows only users with the shared link to access the site.

Bang The Table Access

  • Give Bang The Table access to your account - This option will allow us to log in to your site and troubleshoot any issues that you might be facing. By default, this option is turned ON.
    Note: This option is turned OFF by default on our UK sites. To allow Customer Support to troubleshoot your site, please turn this ON.
    Bang The Table access will be retained for all sites in Australia, Canada, and the US.

  • Allow User Activity Tracking on your site - We use Google Analytics to track user traffic on your site, this is for our internal purposes and the information will not be shared. You can enable or disable the option as required.

Social Media

  • Enable Social Media Analytics - This setting allows social media platforms to track how you use social media in relation to your EngagementHQ site, including posts you share on social sites and profile information. This setting does not affect traffic sources in your EngagementHQ reports.

  • Enable Twitter attribution - All tweets will be associated with the Twitter handle provided in the section once enabled.

Sign Up Form

Enable Sign Up form - Option to enable the signup form that allows users to sign up on the site.

Enable Google's "reCAPTCHA

Enabling this setting will add the reCAPTCHA challenge to the registration form to avoid BOT registrations on your site

Cookies Consent

This option will show a pop-up to the participants that will allow them to accept the Cookies and manage the settings on the same. To view the same from a participant's perspective, click here.

Participants can know more about the cookie policy by clicking on the footer link at the bottom of the page.


On this page, administrators of the site will be able to access all the important policies on the site like Terms of Use, Privacy statement, etc.

Messages & Notifications 

This section enables you to customize the default messages seen by participants during registration. You can edit the message displayed above the registration form and after completion of the registration form. For further details, you can refer to the article Customise registration messages. 


This section helps you configure the auto-email notifications that are sent to your participants on EngagementHQ. You can edit the default notifications and customize them as per your project requirement. 

Signup Form 

The Signup Form is used by the participants to register to the EngagementHQ site. You can customize the Signup Form to collect the required information from the participants. 

Custom Code

Custom code is an advanced feature that allows site admins to inject custom code into the body or header of their EngagementHQ site.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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