Disabling social media sharing

Learn how to disable social media sharing

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In most of the EngagementHQ tools, participants have the option to share their contributions on a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

The following steps describe how to disable social media sharing for your site.

In the side navigation bar, click on the Site Settings link. The Site Settings page is displayed.

On the Site Settings page, click on the Project Settings tab. To disable social media sharing, go to the "Display social media sharing icons" section and disable this toggle. Click Save.

You have successfully disabled social media sharing for your site.


  • You can disable social media sharing for the entire site and not for certain projects only.

  • All social media icons are automatically disabled for sites that are not launched and projects that are protected (and not public).

  • Admins can disable the social sharing tool at the submission level by going to Project Settings > Advanced > and disabling the toggle of "Enable Social Sharing".

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