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Collect demographic and personal information about your community to establish your community database.

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The signup form in EnagagementHQ will be used by participants to register to your site. So this form can be customized to collect relevant demographic information from the participants during registration. Read our article on Creating a registration form to understand why you would require a registration form.

If you are changing an existing registration form read our article on Changing your Registration Form to understand the implications on the data collected.

To access this form click the Site Settings link from the left menu of EnagagementHQ and then click on Signup Form.

  1. Note: Only site admins can access site settings.

This will display the Signup Form.

2. Note to Canada users - Instead of Suburb, you will see Postal Code.

There are a number of required fields that you will not be able to delete, but you can edit their text. These are:

  • Login - you could change to Screen Name or User Name

  • Account Email - you could change to Your Email

  • Password - you could change to Your Password

  • Terms of Service

You can add additional fields by clicking on the Add button.

When you add a new question, you will have a number of fields to complete:

  • Type: choose from a range of question types, including single line, essay, dropdown, radio buttons or checkboxes, suburb, date, file upload, number, and email. Instead of the suburb question, you can have a postal code question based on your region.

  • Question: type in your form question

  • Length: set a maximum length for the answer

  • Required: Set whether the question is mandatory

  • Notes: provide some additional information for the user to answer the question

Then click Create to complete the creation of the new field. 

You can click the Preview button at the bottom of the page at any time, to see how the registration form appears to the participants. The default registration screen as seen by the participants is as shown below- 

3. Note - The Type of a question (eg. Single Line, Dropdown, etc.) cannot be changed once created. However, you may delete the question and add a new question type.

4. Note: You can include reCAPTCHA challenge on your registration form by going to the Site Settings > Privacy > Enable the toggle Enable Google's "reCAPTCHA" across your site

Conditional questions

You can create conditional questions that only show when a certain condition has been satisfied. To do this, first create a question like "Are you willing to tell us more about yourself by answering four additional questions?"  This is called the parent question. Now create the conditional question, which will appear and capture more information if the participant selects the 'yes' option. To do this, create the new question and simply tick the box in the question that says 'Show this question only when...', select the parent question and the option on when it is to be displayed, as illustrated below.

Once added, this conditional question appears just under the parent question.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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