On any EngagementHQ site, participants can view and update their information and settings. This article describes how participants can view and edit their profiles in EngagementHQ in addition to viewing their recent activities and how their project recommendations and subscriptions operate.

Note: Participants are logged out after 2 days of inactivity.

Viewing the Participant Profile

In EngagmentHQ, participants can view their registration information such as name, email, and anything else provided at the account creation. In addition to this supplied information, participants can view their participation activity, project subscriptions, and recommendations in the main window of their profile.

To access profile information as a participant:

  1. Login to your EngagementHQ site as a participant

  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header then click "Edit Profile". The Edit profile page will appear as a pop-up

  3. Edit your profile picture or name

  4. Scroll down to change registration details

  5. To change your password click through to the right-hand tab on the profile window to view and enter the following information:

  • Old Password

  • New Password

  • New Password Confirmation

New passwords must meet the following requirements: 8 to 16 characters with at least 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter and 1 number

6. Click "Save"

Standard Profile Data



Participant screen name. The name used on all public contributions.


Email address associated with the participant profile. The email address is the primary contact method and will be used for all consultation communication.

Where you live

Helps organisation understand what key issues impact the participant

*Profile data will differ depending on site and registration configuration.

My Activities

When a participant contributes to a project, the event is logged under “My activities” in the participant profile. The “My activities” feed will display up to three previous project contributions at a time; participants can access a complete list of contributions by clicking the “view all” link.

Manage Project Subscriptions

Participants can subscribe to receive admin generated updates on projects they’ve subscribed via the subscribe widget. If a participant has subscribed to a project it will be displayed here.

How Project Recommendations operate

When a participant contributes to a project, the tags assigned to that project are referenced to generate "Recommended Projects" and determine the participants' areas of interest. On login, recommendations will display the recently published projects using that tag. Read about assigning project tags here.

If the contributed project does not have a tag associated with it, "Recommended Projects" will generate by default the three most recent projects published on that site.

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