Use Conditional Logic in your Survey

Learn how to create conditional logic in your new surveys.

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Conditional logic is used to show questions based on specific conditions, creating branching within your survey. Conditional logic is always added to the question that you want to show based on a specific answer. It is only applicable when:

  • Your survey has a choice question (Radio button, Dropdown, or Checkbox)

  • The parent and child questions are on the same page

For example, on your survey, you add a Radio button question asking, “Did you enjoy the engagement process?” with an answer choice of Yes or No.

If the participant chooses:

  • Yes: a conditional Checkbox question appears asking “What aspects of the process did you like best?”

  • No: a conditional Essay question appears asking “How can we improve this process?”

In this scenario, the Radio button is the parent question, while the Checkbox and Essay questions are child questions because they only display when the correct condition is met.

To replicate this:

  1. In your survey, create a Radio button question as the parent.

  2. Below the Radio button question, create a Checkbox question as normal. This will be the first child question.

  3. Select Add Condition.

  4. From the Show this question only when... options to select the conditions under which this question is shown.

  5. Select Save and repeat the steps for your second conditional question.

  6. To change or Remove the condition, select Add Condition again on the question and make your edits.

  7. Preview and test your survey before publishing it.

When your survey has conditional questions, the child questions will display in a hierarchy below the parent question. You can have as many conditional questions as necessary and you can also set conditional questions based on other conditional questions.

However, your child questions can only have one condition per question; a child question is necessary for each choice in the parent question if you’re applying logic to all of them.

Additionally, if you make a conditional question Inactive, it will show beneath its parent question even if the Show inactive questions option is disabled. If you’re deactivating a child question because it’s no longer necessary, we recommend removing the condition first. If you deactivate or reactivate a parent question, all child questions will do the same.

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