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Project tags need to be changed over time. Manage tags effectively by updating or removing tags you no longer need from the Project Tags page.

Tags are words or combinations of words, that you can use to add additional context to projects, this article describes how you can manage Project tags for your EngagementHQ site. You must be a site administrator to do the tag management described in this article. To create, edit or delete a project from Project Tags, follow the below steps:

Create a new tag

To create a new tag, go to Projects > Project Tags and click 'Create a tag'. Then give your tag a name and click 'OK' to save it:

How to name a tag

Tag names can only contain letters, numbers, spaces and the following special characters: apostrophe ('), dash (-), underscore (_) and ampersand (&). Maximum length of tag name is 60 characters.

Duplicate tag names will not be accepted.

How to edit a tag

To update the name of a tag, click on the Rename link next to the tag > enter the new project tag name > click 'OK' to save it.

How to delete a tag

Deleting a tag will permanently remove it from your site, so it can no longer be added to new projects or used to search or filter.

To delete a tag click the 'Delete' link next to the tag. Then click 'Delete' to confirm the removal.

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