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Learn how to use our "Project Finder" embed on your corporate site to direct traffic easily into your consultations

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The Project Finder is our first ever embed feature that we introduced into our Marketplace. This feature allows you to embed a nicely designed list of published and archived projects on your corporate site. We think this will help you increase your click-through traffic from your corporate to your EngagementHQ site, therefore assisting with your promotions. We know that creating cross-links between your corporate site and your EngagementHQ site can be tricky and time-consuming. This embed which, once configured, runs on auto-pilot is the perfect time-saver that takes care of this automatically.

Configuring Project Finder

Once Project Finder is enabled on your site, you can configure it by going to Marketplace.

The Edit Settings option will allow configuring Project Finder as per your requirements. There are various options and sections in the project finder that allow you to customize it vastly.

Each of the above sections is explained below:

Search and Filter Strip

This option allows you to add or remove the above-mentioned filters like Search projects, Tags, Years, and so on. To disable or enable a feature, you have to toggle the option as shown below.

Note : If you are a site admin, you can edit and delete tags on the Project tags page

You can click on the Save button at the top after making the changes.

Project Card

This option allows you to make changes to the project content that is displayed. For example, you can limit the total number of characters that are displayed for the project description.

The format of the date appearing on the project card can be controlled and the project can be made to open in a new tab or same tab as required.

Note: Project cards display the date they were published.

You can also re-arrange the order of the content in this section by clicking on the 'Rearrange order button' as shown below.

Once the necessary changes are made, you can click on the Save button at the top to save the changes.


This option allows you to choose the number of projects you would like to display per page on your site.

Pre-filter Projects

This is an advanced filter option that gives you more options in terms of specific names, tags, publishes year, and so on. This will limit the search to the mentioned criteria when users are searching for projects on your site.

Other Settings

Here you have the option to Link a CSS file that will help you change the appearance of your cards through codes. You simply have to add the link and click on 'Save' for the changes to reflect.

Note: If you are looking to have a custom font for the project finder section, you can achieve this by adding a CSS file to overwrite the existing default font.

You can also choose the maximum number of projects you would like to display. When there are no projects to display, the display text can be customized accordingly.

Note: The maximum number of projects selected will override another setting of "publish year is".

You have the option to preview this utility on the desktop, the tablet, and the mobile view.

Save and Copy Code

Once the filters have been set up and the project finder is ready to be shared on your corporate site, click on Save and then Copy code to get your unique embed snippet and paste it into your website. The code is available as a script or an iframes-based code.

You can have multiple project finders on your site by clicking on the button as shown below.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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