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Understanding the New Home Dashboard
Understanding the New Home Dashboard

Learn how to get quick insights on your projects and activity from the Dashboard.

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When you first log in to EngagementHQ, you will arrive at the Dashboard. This screen is designed to give you a summary of visits, contributions, new registrations, and engagement rates. It also gives you a highlight of the engagement locations and top performing tools.

Dashboard Filters

On the top of the Dashboard, you can choose filters and date range.

Filters: Under filters, you can choose to filter your dashboard data using various options;

  • Projects

  • Project statuses

  • Project tags

  • Participant types

  • Participant groups

  • Pages

  • Hubs

You can use Participant Demographic Attributes in your Signup Form to assist with accurate demographic analysis in your Dashboard reports. You can attach the Age attribute to the Date question and the Gender and Ethnicity attributes to Radio buttons, Checkboxes, or Dropdown questions. You can apply each attribute to one question at a time. Participants can manage and update the information they provide when they create their account in the Personal Info section of their profile.

Once you choose an option, it will show you the sub-options available under the chosen option. E.g If you choose Projects, it will show you various projects available on the site.

You can create and save filters using various options and sub-options. It is also possible to combine 2 or more options and create a filter.

Key metrics:

The key metrics box displays the number of Visits, Contributions, Registrations, and Engagement rate. You can click on the information icon to know more about those numbers.

The data can be downloaded in JPEG, PNG, PDF, and CSV formats by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right side.

Activity over time graph

This graph represents the activity of visitors over a given period of time. The activity can be selected or deselected from the graph.

Visitor Engagement

This chart will show the number of Aware, Engaged, and Informed visitors on your site. Please note that admin visits are not counted unless the admin has made contributions acting as a participant.

Contribution tags

The chart requires contributions that have been tagged by an admin via text analysis and will present the name and count of the most common tags related to contributions added within the selected time period. It will show up in the top 15 contribution tags.

Contribution locations

This map will provide the details of the approximate geographic location of your contributors. The locations will be captured from the default location question on the sign-up form.

Top performing tools

The chart will present the tool name, related project, and the number of contributions for the most active tools within the selected time period

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