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Add static pages

Creating new pages to display information.

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This task is for Site Administrators only.

Static pages are blank pages that you can use to display any necessary information. Typically, this is content that does not often change, such as:

  • Policies and disclaimers

  • About pages

  • Instructions on using the site

When you create a static page, you’ll have access to the full WYSIWYG text editor, to use for anything. You can customize pages and provide links from your header menu or footer. Static pages leave your project pages free for information specific to them.

To create a static page:

  1. In the main menu, go to Site Management > Static Pages. You’ll see a list of default static pages, which are linked from your footer and some of which you can edit. These include:

    • Accessibility Statement

    • Cookie Policy

    • Forum Etiquette & Moderation

    • Privacy Policy

    • Site Map

    • Technical Support

    • Terms of Use

  2. Select Create Static Page to add a new page.

  3. Give your static page a Title; this automatically changes the Permalink for the page, but you can also edit this if necessary.

  4. Enter your content in the Description field text editor.

  5. Select Save to create and save the page as a draft to return to the static page list.

  6. Select the eye icon to Preview the page, the pen icon to Edit further, or the bin icon to Delete your page.

  7. Select Publish from the Visibility dropdown menu for the page to publish it.

Once published, you can use the Visibility dropdown to Unpublish to take the page off the live site. You can also use the Permalink with your site’s URL to generate the URL of your static page or take the URL from the page preview.

Please note that you cannot delete the default static pages or edit the Forum Etiquete & Moderation, Site Map, or Terms of Use pages.

If you use the default templates for your policy pages, some details, such as the contact email address, will be pulled from your Site Settings > Site details and emails. If you edit the available pages, then your edits will override these details.

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