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Create a Public or Protected Hub

How to create a Hub and restrict access to participant groups.

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This task is for Site Administrators.

A Site Administrator must first create a Hub before a Hub Administrator can manage it. As they create them, Administrators can also set Visibility settings, which cannot be changed later. A Hub can be:

  • Public: Anyone can view the Hub and its projects, although access to Panelled and Protected projects will be restricted.

  • Protected: Only selected participant groups can access the Hub and its projects.

To create a Hub:

  1. Go to Hubs in the main menu and select Create Hub.

  2. Add a title, choose your Visibility setting from the dropdown menu, and select Create.
    Please note that you cannot change this setting once the Hub is created.

  3. You'll then need to Preview and select a base template for your Hub landing page. Once you've chosen, select Use this template; you can change your template and add or remove sections, just like your homepage.

  4. Now, you can continue to change the Settings and Appearance of your Hub or assign it to a Hub Administrator so they can manage and Publish it.

  5. If you're handing over to a Hub Administrator, select the gear icon to go to the Hub's Settings and use the Assign to Admins field to choose from your Hub Administrators. You must create administrators before you can add them to a hub.

  6. Save when you're finished, or if you're ready, Publish your Hub.

  7. Site Administrators can also delete a hub by going to Settings and selecting Delete Hub.

Once a Hub is published, you cannot unpublish, archive, or hide it – you can only delete it. If you accidentally set an incorrect Visibility setting, you must delete the hub and create a new one or reassign a Panelled or Protected project to a Public hub. Additionally, deleting a hub will not delete the assigned projects; Administrators can still find them in the main Projects list, but they won't be linked to a hub anymore.

Once live, Site Administrators can link to the hub from the homepage by going to Appearance > Home Page Editor > Sections. In a Featured or Projects section, they can select Hub as the Card type and choose the correct Hub from the dropdown menu.

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