Create projects and assign them to Project Admins

Understand how to set up a brand-new project and assign them to a project admin

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This task is for Site Administrators and Hub Administrators.

Projects are the cornerstone of online engagement on your EngagementHQ site. They allow you to present consultation details, utilize engagement tools, display information in widgets, and restrict consultations to private or community panels. You can also use projects and tools for other purposes, such as a contact page with the Q&A tool.

Projects can only be created and published by Site or Hub Administrators, who can then assign them to Project Administrators to build out the content.

This video will show you how to create a project, or you can read on to find detailed instructions.

Create a project

You create projects from the Projects list, which displays all the projects on your site. Go to Projects > Projects from the main menu to access the list. From the project list, you can:

Site Administrators can also Duplicate existing projects with the structure or content they want to copy. Please note that Project Administrators will only see and edit projects assigned to them.

To create a new project:

  1. Select Create Project in the Projects list.

  2. Add a title for your project. This will automatically generate a Permalink, which you can Edit now or later. You can also use the Select hub dropdown menu to assign the project to a Hub, if applicable.

  3. Select Create project to go to the project page.

  4. Configure your project’s Settings and remember to Save them.

  5. On your project page, you can also:

  6. Once you’re finished editing, select Save changes.

You can also assign the project to Project Administrators so they can build the project. Publish your project when it’s ready to go live.

You can also use the Copy page URL button to get a link to the live page; use this link when manually sharing or copying the project’s URL.

Project Settings

Select Settings on your project page to edit them; switch between the three tabs to configure them:

  • Visibility: choose who can view and participate in your project by changing your Visibility to Public, Panelled, or Protected. You can also use the Select hub dropdown menu to assign the project to a hub, if applicable.

  • Project Image: manage your project’s image; your options are:

    • Add Image: Click to upload an image or choose one from the Unsplash gallery. Once you’ve chosen an image, you can select Edit image to change the Crop ratio, which part of the image is visible, and the orientation.

    • Image Options: add alt text to your image

    • Image Layout: select the alignment of your image. You can also choose not to display it on the project page while keeping it for your project listings.

  • Advanced: configure your advanced settings; you can:

    • Add Project Admin: use the dropdown list to assign Project Administrators to the project

    • Social Sharing: Enable Social Sharing to allow a social sharing pop-up when participants contribute to a project.

    • Advanced Configuration: enter an internal or external URL to redirect users to a different webpage.

    • Set HTML Metadata: Enter meta keywords and a description that search engines will index. If no meta description is entered, the first 270 characters of the project description are used.

    • GovDelivery Topic code: enter a GovDelievery Topic code

Remember to always Save your settings.

Assign projects to Project Administrators

Project Administrators cannot create or publish projects themselves; they must be assigned projects by Site or Hub Administrators. To assign a project, you must have already created both the required project and the Project Administrator’s user account.

There are two ways to assign projects. You can do it from the project by going to Settings > Advanced and adding the administrator under the Add Project Admin dropdown field.

Another way is to:

  1. Go to Team in the main menu to see your list of administrators.

  2. Select the pen icon to Edit the required team member.

  3. Use the Project access dropdown menu to assign projects. Press Enter after each project they will save automatically.

After assigning the project, you must notify your Project Administrator that they can now log in and start building the project.

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