EngagementHQ allows you to redirect visitors from a project on your site to another place.

Why might this be of interest?

The reasons why you would want to redirect visitors to another project or site can be diverse. For instance, you might have already promoted a certain URL and may now want to ensure that users looking for this URL are redirected to a certain place, e.g. another project. Let's explore this using an example.


Say my website can be found at www.myconsultation.com and I have a project that is called 'My Park'. By default (unless I change the permalink) this project can be found at www.myconsultation.com/my-park.

Let's assume that I promoted this project URL successfully, and people are visiting regularly. I now want to move the consultation to a new phase and drive all traffic relating to the park to a new page, that I will set up and title My New Park.

To progress to the second stage of my consultation, I will set up a new project called 'My New Park'. I can now use the redirect feature on the archived page to take people straight to the new consultation. That way I can still utilize all the promotion I have already done for the first stage of the consultation.

Here is how to do it:
Setting up a redirect:

I start by going to 'Advanced' in the settings field of the project that I want to redirect to another location (in this example www.myconsultation.com/my-park). In here, you can specify where the redirection should go.

  • If you want to redirect internally, the URL you specify should look like this '/permalink'. So if I wanted to redirect to my new project, I would need to put in '/my-new-park'.

  • If you want to redirect externally, you will need to put in the entire URL. So if I wanted to redirect to Google, I would need to put in 'http://www.google.com'.

Use the Redirect URL box to enter the address and click Save. And that's all.

Two things you should take note of:

  1. The project that redirects and the project to which it redirects MUST BOTH be published. As is the case normally, any project in draft mode will not be accessible to anyone but admins. You can also redirect projects that have been published and then archived.

  2. As soon as you put in a redirect, the project will no longer be available to anyone but you and you can only access it as an admin through the backend All Projects page.

How this has been useful :

This will ensure that, even if you change the location of your project, participants using the old URL directly or through saved bookmarks are redirected to the new location.
This has also been used when the wrong URL has been provided to participants inadvertently and they have to be redirected to the correct location.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email support@engagementhq.com

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