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Redirect project URLs

Moving your project to another URL? Want to re-direct participants to another place from your project page?

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Redirects are a great solution when rerouting an existing URL to another destination. We recommend using a redirect if you want to drive traffic to a specific internal or external URL. Redirects allow you to take advantage of a successful promotion and ensure that users who have previously saved a URL can be directed to the correct destination. Additionally, if you have promoted an incorrect URL, you can ensure participants reach the right project.

For example, you may have a successful consultation at “,” and users have regularly visited and participated. Now that the initial consultation phase is finished and you want users to visit the new project, you can redirect the original project URL to “”

To set up a redirect:

  1. On your project page, go to Settings > Advanced.

  2. Under Advanced Configuration, specify the new URL in the Enter URL field.

    • If creating an internal redirect, you only need to enter the permalink. Following the example above, you would enter “/new-consultation.”

  3. Save your settings.

Once you save the redirect, the front-end project will no longer be available to users; they will be rerouted to the specified URL. Additionally, if redirecting to a different project, both projects must be published before the redirect takes effect.

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