In EHQ there a two basic 'layers'. One is the admin view (or dashboard), where you manage your projects and edit the content; the other is the actual site that the public sees.

Whenever you want to link to anything on your site, you will have to make sure you use the link you obtain from the public facing site, NOT from within the dashboard.

For example, lets assume you want to link from your landing page through to a project page. To obtain the right link, go into the project page you want to link to and click on 'Preview' in the top right hand corner. This will open the project page in a new tab.

The URL for the previewed project will look like this:'

Copy everything except for '?preview=true'. This is the link that you can now use to link to your project page from your landing page.

In this case the link would be

This is also referred to as the Permalink. 

A permalink is the permanent link to the project page you created. This refers to the URL structure of your pages. ie. By default the permalink will simply resemble your page title. Permalinks are kept simple so it is easy for people to type and remember.
The article on Create a New Project covers the creation of a new project and the associated permalink.

If you rename your project or clone your project from an existing one and change the name, then you might want to change the default permalink to reflect the new name of your project.
- Anywhere in the site, where the old permalink was manually entered will need to be changed to the new permalink. Especially check the permalink in the tools like newsfeed, surveys, etc.

To change the project permalink, please click on the Settings button on the project page. Once there, click on edit, enter the new URL, click on Close and then Save.

The permalink must not have any spaces, so if you are using more than one word, then the words need to be separated by a hyphen(-), no other special characters are allowed. Numerals can be used however at least one alphabet is required.

This error message usually appears when the permalink is already being used by another tool. Changing it will resolve the issue. 

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