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Promote your consultation with campaigns
Share and promote your projects and tools (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mail)
Share and promote your projects and tools (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mail)

Learn how to share on popular social media sites and email.

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You can easily share all your content across some of the most popular social media platforms and embed or link to Surveys or Quick Polls. The Share features allow you and your participants to promote your consultations with any audience, especially when a project or tool needs wider input.

You can:

By default, the social sharing feature is enabled. You can deactivate this feature project-wide by navigating to Site Settings > Project settings and deactivating Display social media sharing icons. Remember to always Save your settings.

Share your Project

You can start sharing the project on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via Email immediately after publishing it or when you're ready to promote it.

To share your project, use the social icons below your project's title.

NOTE: Unpublished projects will not be visible when shared via social media

Promote a tool

In addition to sharing your entire project, you can promote each of your tools individually. The sharing icons will appear for each of your tool topics, allowing you to share each tool separately. For example, if you have an Ideas tool you would like to promote, you will see the social media sharing icon on the tool topic, as shown below.


  • The position of social media icons will vary based on the project theme.

  • You must only share and promote published tools.

When a participant selects a social media icon, a pop-up window will appear, prompting them to log in.

Promoting a tool after submission

Participants are also prompted to share a tool after they submit. The user will see a social share pop-up to share the tool once they make a submission.

Participants and admins receive the pop each time they engage in the tool. To avoid this pop-up for every submission, they can click on the "No thanks" link after their first submission.

Note: If a project has Protected Visibility, the sharing pop-up is automatically deactivated.

What does the promotion look like?


On Facebook, the Project image, title, and description are shared, and you can add a comment. You can share to your own timeline or that of friends, and you can share on any page you manage, in a group, or via a personal message.

Sometimes when you share a project on Facebook, an older or a different image might appear instead of the current one. This is usually a caching issue. To ensure the latest image is appearing on Facebook, use this tool to debug; enter the project page URL and then select Debug.

If the image is still incorrect, select Scrape again. Keep trying the above steps until the correct image appears.

X (previously Twitter)

X shares display the user, title, image, and description excerpt but can be configured to only display the link. Consider adding a few words and/or appropriate #hashtags to make the post look more interesting.


Similar to the Facebook share you can decide who to share it to on LinkedIn and you can add a comment.


In contrast to the other options, which allow you to share with a wide audience, email sharing is probably best used to quickly let a few people know about a new project/tool. For example, colleagues within your organization or specific participant groups.

Selecting the Email icon will open a draft email in the user's email client.

You can also use the Add to email option in a survey's Share tab to embed an emoji question into the HTML of an email or newsletter. When the recipient chooses an emoji option, the standalone link will open in their browser, where they can complete and submit the survey.

Embed or link to a Survey or Quick Poll

You can also embed Surveys or Quick polls onto a website or use a standalone link to create a landing page for these tools.

  1. Go to the project with the tool you want to share.

  2. Select Share on your Survey or Quick Poll to open the Share tab. You'll see the criteria you must meet to share your survey; when all ticks are green, you'll see a Ready to share notification.

  3. To create a landing page for the tool, select Standalone and select Copy Link.

  4. To embed, select Add to webpage or Add iFrame and select Copy code.

  5. Paste the link or embed code into the required environment. For example, you can send the link via email or embed the tool into a website.

Remember, anyone with access to the link or tool can participate.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email

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