You can easily share and promote all your content across some of the most popular social media platforms.

Sharing at 'Project' level

You can start sharing the project on Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn or via Email
once the project has been published. Of course you can also decide to not share immediately, but whenever you think the time is right.

NOTE: Unpublished projects will not be visible when shared via social media

Promoting at the 'Tool' level

In addition to sharing your entire project, you can now easily promote each of your tools individually. The sharing icons will appear for each of your tool topics. E.g. if you have a survey you would like to promote, you will see the social media sharing icon on the tool topic as shown below.


  • The position of social media icons will vary based on the project theme.

  • You must only share and promote published tools.

NOTE: The share pop-up feature on tools and projects allows users to share these pages via various social media apps. An example of this is illustrated below.

Promoting the tool at the submission level

The functionality of this feature is to promote the project at the tool level after the user participates in the tool. The user will see a social share pop-up to share the tool once they make a submission.

Participants and admins receive the pop each time they engage in the tool. To avoid this pop-up for every submission, they can click on the "Maybe later" link after their first submission.

By default, the social sharing feature is enabled. You can disable this feature project-wide by navigating to Project Settings > Advanced > Enable the toggle "Turn off social sharing".

Note: The "Turn off social sharing" is automatically enabled if the project visibility is set to "Protected".

What does the promotion look like?


The Project image, title, and description are shared and you can add a comment. You can share to your own timeline or that of friends and you can share on any page you manage, in a group, or via a personal message.

Sometimes when you share a project on Facebook, an older or a different image might appear instead of the current one. This is usually a caching issue. To ensure the latest image is appearing on Facebook, click on this link, enter the project page URL and then click on 'Debug'.

Then, click on the 'Scrape again' button if the image is still not changed. Keep trying the above steps until the correct image appears.


Twitter shares appear like this. You will note that by nature the Twitter share does not give away as much as the Facebook one. Hence you should consider adding a few words and/or appropriate #hashtags to make the Tweet look more interesting.


Similar to the Facebook share you can decide who to share it to on LinkedIn and you can add a comment.


In contrast to the other options, which allow you to share with a wide audience, email sharing is probably best used to quickly let a few people know about a new project/tool. For example colleagues within your organization.

Note : If you would like to disable the option of sharing your project and tools on social media, go to Site Settings > Privacy and Security > disable the toggle 'Enable Social Media Sharing'. For more information on the same, you can refer to this article.

TIP : The 'Social Media Sharing' option has been developed to give you the chance to quickly and easily promote new projects and tools with any audience, big or small. We recommend making use of this option as much as possible, whenever you feel a project or tool needs more input.

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