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Embed a Quick Poll or Survey onto your Website
Embed a Quick Poll or Survey onto your Website

Add a Survey or Quick Poll to your website or create a stand-alone landing page.

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To help increase your online engagement, you can share a Survey or Quick poll on your organization's website. You can copy the embed code for your tool and paste it into your site or create a landing page for the tool using the standalone link.

Before you start

Before sharing a Quick Poll or Survey on your website, each project and tool must meet the following criteria:

  • Project status must be Published

  • Participation settings must be Anyone can Participate

  • Tool status must be Published

There are also some things to consider:

  • Project Visibility settings do not impact Engagement Embeds; anyone with the embed or standalone link can access the tool, regardless of whether the project is Protected or otherwise.

  • If you have embedded or linked to a tool that is then archived or unpublished, users will see a notification that they cannot submit in place of the tool. You will need to remove the code or link from your site manually.

Add embed or create a landing page

When your tool and project are ready and published, you can use the Share tab to retrieve the embed code, iFrame, or standalone link:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects and select the project with the tool you want to share.

  2. On your Survey or Quick Poll tool, select Share.

  3. When the Share tab opens, you can review the criteria for sharing. If the project or tool is unpublished, or the participation isn't set to Anyone, you can select the option to change it.

  4. You'll see a Ready to share notification when all ticks are green.

  5. To create a landing page for the tool, select Standalone and select Copy Link.

  6. To embed, select Add to webpage or Add iFrame and select Copy code.

  7. Paste the link or code snippet into the required environment.

You can also use the Add to email option to embed an emoji question into the HTML of an email or newsletter. When the recipient chooses an emoji option, the standalone link will open in their browser, where they can complete and submit the survey.

Troubleshooting and tips

If you're having trouble implementing an embed code, there are various things to try:

Embeds and reporting

Reporting on Engagement Embeds works like your usual Quick Poll and Survey reporting. While we don't facilitate filtering by submission type, all Engagement Embeds submissions are captured in EngagementHQ reports, including Submissions Manager.

Every submission made through an Engagement Embed Survey or Quick Poll will count as:

No page views are counted, and each subsequent submission will count as another visit in the same manner.

We recommend using Google Analytics page view reporting for more detailed information on how frequently Engagement Embeds are seen.

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