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Reporting on your Engagement

Watch the short videos to understand the four main areas of EnagagementHQ reporting

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EngagementHQ offers a range of different ways to analyse and report on the data you receive from your engagement activities.

Our five main reporting functions of EnagagementHQ include:

  • Project Reports

  • Tool Reports

  • Text Analysis, and

  • Survey Analysis

  • Submissions Manager

Read our quick overview of each of the four reporting functions and watch our short videos to see them in action and how they can be used.

Project Reports

Project reports provide an overall summary of your projects (Project Summary), as well as a list of all the responses submitted by participants (Detailed Report). These can be downloaded as PDF or Excel. These reports are most often used at the conclusion of a project.

When reporting on the reach of your engagement activities you might want a break-down of how traffic sources arrived at your site.

Tool Reports

Tool reports allow you to inspect and analyze data for individual tools. This report is often used on projects where multiple instances of a tool have been used, or to help assess how successful tools are being used across your entire site.

Text Analysis and Sentiment Analysis

Our text analysis tool allows you interrogate feedback that has been provided in response to a specific open question from across our EnagagementHQ tools. Text analysis enables you to search, filter, tag comments, as well as using a demographic filter and sentiment analysis tools. Download your excel report for further insights and data interrogation.

Survey Analysis

Survey Analysis allows you to drill down into a survey report and explore that data in more detail. You can use three different analysis tools to filter the survey data, compare results or undertake a cross-tab analysis. You can also create your own customized survey report.

Submissions Manager

The Submissions Manager provides the critical functionality of being able to provide a list of all responses with the files uploaded, download the submitted documents made to a Survey, mark responses that have been reviewed and also Publish the documents to a document library widget or folder on the relevant project.

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