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Add an emoji survey question to an email (Beta)
Add an emoji survey question to an email (Beta)

Email Surveys | Use the newsletter tool or a third-party email campaign provider to ask for an emoji response via email.

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Note: This feature is currently in beta.

Survey emoji questions help you gauge subscribers' opinions on topics from within an email campaign. The Add to email option inserts a single emoji rating scale with answer options you create.

This article describes how to add a survey question to an email campaign and contains the following sections:

Before you start

Here are some things you need to know before you begin this process:

  • Learn how to add a survey tool in EngagementHQ

  • Add to email is limited to emoji survey questions only

  • A participant can only answer the emoji question via email; once they answer, they will be navigated to a web browser to finish the survey

To use an emoji survey question in an email campaign:

  • Survey is Published

  • Project is Published

  • Participation is set to Anyone

Meeting these criteria will enable the Add to email button on the Share tab.

This feature is designed to work with third-party email campaign providers, such as Mailchimp, that support HTML editing. Please note that this feature will not work on email clients, such as Outlook or Gmail, that do not provide code view.

Add a new survey question in an email campaign

1. Add the Survey tool

  • On your project page, select Add a tool and choose Surveys; you'll find it in the All or Controlled environment of the tools list.

  • Add a title and select Create.

2. Add an Emoji question and configure your survey

  • Click on the + sign to add a question

  • Choose Emoji under the Scale questions. We recommend using the emoji question as your first question for the best user experience.

  • Add your question, select Add Question, and click on Update.

  • Add any additional questions to the survey. Remember that once participants answer the emailed emoji question, they will be linked to a web browser to finish the survey.

  • In the Settings tab, use the Participation Settings to choose Anyone. This will open the survey up to any participant.

  • Configure the rest of your survey Settings, and remember to Save as you go.

3. Add the emoji question to an email

  • Go to the Share tab to see the criteria you must meet to share your survey. If it's not already, select Survey is published to publish the survey and take it live.

  • When all ticks in this section are green, and the green Ready to share notification appears, the Ways to share this survey section on the right will be enabled.

  • Select Add to email under Ways to share this survey.

  • Use the Select a question dropdown menu to select one emoji question from this survey. The question you choose will display in the email.

  • After you have selected a question, choose Copy code to copy the Snippet code for this question.

The first question of the survey will render in the email. When a user selects an answer, the survey will open on its Standalone link, and their response to the first question will be recorded.

Add an existing survey question in an email campaign

  1. Go to the survey you would like to use in an email campaign.

  2. Ensure your survey includes an emoji question. Remember to drag and drop it to be your first question for the best user experience.

  3. If there is no emoji question in your existing survey, follow step 2 from above to create it.

  4. Follow step 3 from above to copy the code snippet into an email or newsletter.

Use a survey question with govDelivery or OpenForms

If you use govDelivery or OpenForms alongside EngagementHQ, you can also add the emoji survey code snippet to:

Add a survey question to an EngagementHQ Newsletter

  • Go to Newsletters from the main menu and select an existing newsletter or create a new one.

  • In the newsletter editor, place the cursor at the bottom of the text or wherever you want to put the emoji question.

  • Select </> to open Code View.

  • Paste the code that you have copied at the end of the breakpoint

  • Select </> to close Code View and return to the text editor.

  • Save and Preview to see the emoji question in the newsletter.

  • Send Test Email to send the newsletter with the emoji question to yourself and test what it will look like for your participants.

Please be aware that updates made by various email browsers and clients may occur, and these modifications may affect how the email survey displays. Though we may not always be informed about specific changes, we will do our best to adapt to these evolving environments.

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