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EngagementHQ’s survey tool is one of the most popular tools. It is very useful when there is a necessity to gather large amounts of information quickly and efficiently from your community about a particular topic.

See the article When to use a Survey to understand when to use a survey in your consultation project. This article outlines how to set up a new survey. The following steps describe how to add the tool to your EngagementHQ page:

To use the tool, first, you need to add it to your project page. The following steps describe how to do that.

Select the Projects link in the navigation bar of EngagementHQ and click on your specific project. You can use the Search box to locate the required project.

Click on the title of the required project to view the project page. In this case, the project title is New Project. On the project page, click on the Add a tool button.

A list of tools is displayed on a draw from the right of the screen. Click on Surveys to add the Surveys tool to your project. This tool is available in the Controlled environment tools tab. The Survey tool is also available in the All tab.  

Now, you can view the Survey page. To add a survey to the project, enter a suitable title in the Add a title field and click the Create button. The permalink is automatically generated after you enter the title in the Title field. For example: In the screenshot below, the title entered is Survey for participants and the URL extension is automatically generated as survey-for-participants. You can edit the permalink by clicking on the Edit button.

On clicking the Create button, the Edit Survey page is displayed. Here, enter a description in the Details tab and click the Save button.

Note - Please refer to the help article Clone survey to copy an existing survey.

 The Survey tool with the survey title is displayed on the project page.

By default, the name of the tool is “Survey” and you can change it by clicking on the pencil icon. 

On clicking the pencil icon, the Name field is displayed. You can change the name of the Survey tool here and click the Save button.

The Edit button

Click the Edit button to change the details and settings of your Survey, as displayed below. You can also click on the title. 

Here, you can view Details, Manage Questions, and Settings tab. Each of these tabs are explained in the following sections.

Details tab

The Details tab displays the title, description and tags of the survey topic. You can edit the information in these fields, if required.

The title is displayed in the project page, as indicated below.

And, the description is displayed in the preview, as shown below.

Manage Tab

This tab is used to create your project surveys. It helps you to create and manage questions. Using this tab, you can do the following:

Changes to the survey are saved only when you click on the "Update" button", so once all the questions are created you can go to preview and test your survey.

Note : It is not possible to delete a question. You can hide these questions by disabling the toggle "Active".

Settings Tab

In this tab, you can edit participation settings and permalink, change the settings to view or disable survey submission count and progress bar, enter a thank you message and configure admin notifications.

Participation Settings

In this section, you can change participation settings based on how you want your participants to engage. Customize the participation settings as explained below.

  • Anyone – select to enable all visitors to your survey to take part without registration.

  • Unverified – select to allow participants to comment on your survey without having to register on the site. 

  • Registered single – select to allow registered participants for only single submission. On selecting this option, a message to the participants who have previously submitted a response, is displayed in the Display message to participants who have previously submitted field.

  • Registered Multiple – select this option to allow registered participants to submit multiple times.

For more information on survey participation types, read the article on Survey participation types explained to understand which participation type suits your survey best.

This is the URL to your tool that was generated when you entered the title for your survey. Click the Edit button to rename it. 

Survey Count
Admins can view the number of surveys taken next to the survey itself.

Admins can also choose to display this count to participants. To enable this feature, turn on the toggle switch for Show count of submissions in the Survey Count section of the Settings tab in the Edit Survey page.

This action will display the count to your participants or the survey takers, as illustrated below. By default, this is not selected for new and existing surveys. Admins can enable this feature for participants on existing surveys too.

Note – Survey count will not be displayed on the participant side for pinned surveys.

Progress Bar

You can disable the visibility of the progress bar on Surveys by turning off this feature. When a new survey is created, the progress bar will be visible by default. This applies to both pinned and regular surveys.

Survey Button Text

You can customise what appears on the button, that prompts participants to take a survey or complete a form.

Note - This will not be applied to "pinned" surveys. By 'pinning' a survey to the project, the only action button visible is the submit button which will simply say Submit.

When you create a new survey, you will see an option for Survey Button Text.

To have buttons with standard text like Take Survey or Complete Form, click on the Take Survey or Complete Form options, respectively. To create your own label, click on Custom Text. The Enter Button Text field is displayed. Enter your text here.

The participant view of the survey with custom text as Start Survey is given below.

Survey Results

This option allows you to share the survey results with participants. By enabling the "Display survey results to participants" toggle, survey results are immediately displayed to a participant after they make their submission. See the article to understand how the survey results will be displayed to participants.

Thank You Message

In the Thank You Message box, enter a message thanking the participants for taking the survey. You can insert images and hyperlinks here.

Email Notifications and Acknowledgements.

In this section, you can notify admins via email when new comments or responses are added. The two options available are:

  • Acknowledgement to admin

  • Acknowledgement to user

The following steps describe how to set up email to send an acknowledgement to admin. 

Acknowledgment to admin – Click on this option to email acknowledgement to admin(s). Enter the email subject, email text and recipients’ email IDs in the provided boxes. By default, the survey creator's email address is added to the recipient section.

In the Email Subject box, enter the subject of the email.

Note: You can use placeholders here. For example [PARTICIPANT_SCREEN_NAME] and [SURVEY_TITLE] in your subject and these would get populated when the email is sent.

In the Email text box, enter the relevant text.
Note: You can use placeholders here. For example [PARTICIPANT_SCREEN_NAME], [SURVEY_TITLE], [SITE NAME] and [ANSWERS] in your email and these would get populated when the email is sent.

In the Recipients box, enter the email IDs of one or more recipients separated by commas. 

Similarly, you can set up email notifications for sending acknowledgement for the user. 

After making the necessary changes in Settings, click the Save button to save the settings.

To turn off/disable the option to send notifications, you can turn the toggle on(to green). The Dropdown to enter the mail text will get disabled once the toggle is on.

The Delete button

Click the Delete button to delete the survey from your project.

The Pin button

Pinning a survey to your project page allows the survey taker to complete a survey directly on your project page, saving them an extra click. Using a pinned survey is highly recommended when you have a neatly designed survey of no more than 10 questions per page. For more information about pinning a survey, read Pin your survey.

The Schedule button

The Schedule button can be used to schedule Publish and schedule Archive the survey.

To schedule Publish of the survey, click on the Schedule button.

The following Schedule Publish screen is displayed.

Set the date and time for publishing the survey. After this, click the Save button to save the schedule.

NOTE: You can delete the publish schedule by clicking on the Delete button.  

To schedule archiving of the survey, click on the Schedule button.

The following Schedule Archive screen is displayed.

Set the date and time for archiving the survey. After this, click the Save button to save the schedule.

NOTE: You can delete the archival schedule by clicking on the Delete button.  

The Share feature

With this new feature, you can embed project surveys from your EngagementHQ site to your corporate website, CMS, or as a stand-alone page, so that community members can participate from a single interface regardless of the channel or device, and you can centralize all your insights in one place.

Refer to this article to know more about the requirements for setting this up successfully.

When your tool is ready for use, you can publish it by selecting the Publish option as shown below.

After publishing the tool, options to unpublish and archive are available. After the survey is completed, you can archive it by clicking on the Archive option. An archived survey will still be visible to users, however, they will not be allowed to contribute to this survey. You also have the option to unpublish it by clicking on the Unpublish option in the drop-down menu. 

An unpublished survey moves a previously published survey to draft status and removes it from the participant view of the project page. You cannot delete a survey if a participant has already entered a response.

Preview button

You can click on the Preview button to preview a particular survey only.

The preview of the survey is displayed in a new tab, as indicated below.

Note: To preview all surveys on one screen, click on the project preview button located at the top end of the project page.

You have successfully added and configured the Survey tool in your EngagementHQ project.

Contact our support team if you need any further assistance via chat or email




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