Engagement HQ enables users to replicate surveys within a project or clone a survey from one project to another. This is helpful when you want to create a survey which is similar to an existing survey either in the same project or in another project.
See Setup and Manage Surveys and Forms to understand the technical process of setting up a survey.

This article explains the process to clone an existing survey into another project.

  1. Select the Projects link from the left of EHQ page and click on your specific project for which you want to create the new survey in.  

2. Once there, click on the Clone a survey button as shown below.

3. The following Clone Survey page is displayed.

4. Click on the Project drop-down menu and select the project in which the original survey appears.
5. Click on the Survey drop-down menu and select the survey you want to clone.

6. Click Clone Survey. The new survey will appear in the project.
7. Enter a new title in the Title field, if required.
8. Enter a new welcome message in the Welcome Message text box, if required.
9. Enter a new acknowledgement message in the Acknowledgement Message text box, if required.
10. Edit the message in 'Display message to participants who have previously submitted' text box, if required.
11. The Permalink is automatically displayed. However, you can change it, if required.
12. Edit the email settings by clicking the drop-down arrows of Email Settings, if required.
13. Change selections for Participation Type and Submission Type, if required.
14. Finally, click Update. The following page is displayed. Here, all the survey questions copied from the original survey are displayed. You should review them all and make the required changes and delete any questions not required. You can also add new questions for the survey. Use the mouse to drag and drop questions to reorder them.

Review the article Survey Question Types Explained to understand each of the survey questions available for use in your survey.

Note: The new survey is saved and displayed in the Draft Tab until it is published. You can view all the new surveys in the All tab. Published surveys are displayed in the Published tab. Archived surveys are displayed in the Archived tab.

Read the article Preview and Test your Surveys to understand how to test this survey prior to publishing.

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