Once a survey is published you will have the option to Archive, Unpublish or Delete the survey. Archiving a survey will ensure that there are no more new contributions to the survey. So once the survey is published and you want to stop getting contributions, you should archive the survey. The survey is still visible to the public, but it will be closed for new contributions. The responses received from the survey can be analyzed from the analytics, reporting section.

If you wish to remove the survey completely from public view, use the Unpublish option. This will bring the survey back to Draft status and all the responses will be available in the analytics, reporting section.

Deletion of a survey should only be done when it is not required anymore. The survey and all its responses are permanently deleted. Once deleted they will not be available anymore for reporting too.

Schedule publish/archive

You can also schedule publish or archive surveys at a later date or time. Published surveys can be schedule archived and draft surveys can be schedule published. The GIF below depicts the function in detail.

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