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Set up your engagement team by adding a site, project or hub administrator

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EngagementHQ allows you to set up your own engagement team to administer your site. This team can be made up of a combination of site administrators, hub administrators and project administrators, with each having different access permission to change and manage content.

We highly recommend you build your EngagementHQ engagement team around a central site administrator and utilize the functionality of project administrators to assist in creating project pages.

What is the difference between a site administrator and a project administrator?

A site administrator has complete access to all features and settings of EngagementHQ. 

A project administrator will only have access to projects assigned to him/her and can download reports for the respective projects. See the detailed article on Access levels for EngagementHQ administrators.

Hub Administrator roles are only available with EngagementHQ Enterprise Edition. Check with your Engagement Manager to see if your license allows access to Hubs and read our article on Add a new Hub Administrator for detailed instructions. 

Adding administrators to your team

Select the Team link in the navigation bar of EnagagementHQ. You can view the Team page, as displayed below.

If the person has already been registered as a participant, then follow the detailed instructions in How to change a participant into an administrator. If not, click on the Add admin button.

This will display the Add Administrator page.

To complete the registration process, enter the login/screen name, email address and a password. The password can be random but we recommend a computer-generated password via the various online tools available, for security purposes. (The admin can later change the password after the activation of account.) Select the designated role from the drop-down menu in Role. The options available for Role are Site Administrator, Project Administrator and Hub Administrator.

After entering the necessary information in the Add admin page, click the Save button to save the entries. The screen name is then displayed in the list of administrators in the Team page.

An automatic notification email won't be sent out. You will have to share the login credentials (username and password) manually.

From your Administrators page, you can:

  • Add new project administrators - you can select whether someone has admin rights for the whole site (Site Administrator) or restrict them to specific projects (Project Administrator).

  • Edit administrators - you can edit the administrator’s screen name, email and role.

  • Block an administrator - blocking an administrator means they will no longer be able to log in to the system and edit the site.

  • Automatic logout - admins that are inactive for two hours will automatically be logged out of EnagagementHQ as a security measure.

Invite Admins

Invite a user to be an admin by adding their email address and Admin role. The user will receive an automatic email to complete their registration. Once this is done, they will be able to access the admin page. The Invite option works only on Launched sites. On un-launched sites, the invited admins will not able to log in as they are taken to the Sign-in page.

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