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This guide explains what you need to do as a site administrator before you launch your site.
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As a Site Administrator you will be responsible for the overall management of EngagementHQ. Before you begin building your site, use this guide to learn how you need to be involved in getting your site ready for launch. This guide will cover the following:

  • Your role

  • Setting up teams

  • Preparing for your community database

  • Getting your content ready

  • Site Settings

You should work through these items prior to launching your site to ensure you are fully prepared for your site to go live.

Your Role

Site Administrators have the most important role in managing EngagementHQ. As a Site Administrator, you can;

  • Manage all site settings

  • Developing and managing homepage

  • Assign user roles and set up admins

  • Access full range of reports

  • Send emails and newsletters

  • Manage participant database

  • Create, edit and publish projects

  • Request 3rd party software integrations, site rebrands and premium services. (learn more about these here) by contacting EngagementHQ help desk via chat or email

Depending on your license, you might also have access to more than one Site Administrator to help you manage your site. Most sites allow for up to three Site Administrators, but it's important to check your license agreement to find out how many you've purchased. This can be checked with your Engagement Manager or by contacting EngagementHQ help desk.

Site Administrators are usually the people that are leading your online engagement project and are required to have the highest access across the EngagementHQ platform. You should assign your most relevant teammates as fellow Site Admins to help you manage your site. These are usually Engagement Managers, Communications Managers or project leads. 

Setting up Teams

Before you begin building your site you should set up your engagement teams in EngagementHQ to help you manage the site and build projects. There are 3 main administrator types in EngagementHQ including Site Administrators, Hub Administrators and Project Administrators.

To set up your engagement teams, read the procedure to add an administrator to EngagementHQ and perform the steps given in the article. If successful, you will be taken back to your Administrator list in the Team page and you should see your new teammate in the list. You can now edit their access permissions and assign them projects.

Tip: When you are creating Project Administrators, you will need to assign them to a specific project. You cannot assign a project to a Project Administrator if it hasn't been created. Learn how to create a project by clicking here

Preparing for your community database

EngagementHQ is built around our Participant Relationship Management (PRM) tool to allow you to segment and understand your community database.

This feature allows you to analyze your database using a range of different filters including; Aware, Informed and Engaged actions for each project, project and participant tags, suburb as well as signup form questions.

It is your signup form questions that allow you the most flexibility in segmenting your database because you can ask the questions that are important to your community or project.

You will need to set this up before you launch and it is important that you have thought about how you might want to identify your audiences for promotion and also reporting.

To set up your Signup form, click on Site Settings in the side navigation bar. The Site Settings page is displayed. You can then click on “Signup form” tab to start setting up your registration page

Getting your content ready

Now that you have set up your team and decided on your signup form, it's time to get your branding content ready for the site.

You will be required to create a bunch of assets to help bring your site to life. These include, project banners, organization logos, colors and fonts.

Banner sizes should be consistent throughout your site on themes where banners are available. Our recommended size for site banners is 1440px by 300px.

On most of our homepage layouts there are square project images that act as featured images for each consultation. We recommend that these are 750px by 750px.

Learn about our templates and images sizes before you begin.

Site Settings

While we have already touched on some essential parts of the site settings that you need to consider before you launch your site. Remember, as a Site Admin, you will be responsible for managing all settings on the site. It's important that you understand and are familiar with the site settings section.

We highly recommend that you make yourself familiar with the Managing the Platform resources in our Help Desk.

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