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Project banner display on all themes
Project banner display on all themes
Learn how to enable project banners on your site
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While working on a project page, you might have noticed a field to upload a project banner on all our current themes such as Torquay, Bondi, Coral Bay and Whitehaven.

The project banner which can be seen on the Manage page of your project, as highlighted below, can be displayed as the banner image on the project page.

This means that a participant viewing this project, on your site, will see the banner image at the top of the page as shown in the example below:

Before you upload a project banner, please ensure that you've enabled a setting to display this image. This option will be available for all site admins under the Theme section, go to Site Management > Theme > Images

 As illustrated, there are two options to Show site banner on project pages and/or Enable custom project page banners. If you do not see these options, chat with our support team and get it enabled for your site. 

Using these options the site administrator can choose how to display banners on project pages: 

  • Display custom project banners on all project pages.

  • Display a common site banner on all project pages. The site banner can be uploaded under 'Banner' on the Images, colours & fonts page. 

  • Display project banner on specific projects and display site banner on the rest of the projects (in absence of project banner). To achieve this, enable both the options.

  • Display project banner on specific project pages and display no banners on rest of the project pages. To achieve this, enable only the "Enable custom project banner" option. You can manually remove project banners from existing project pages. 

  • To not display any banner on your project pages, leave both the options unselected, which is the default.

  • For Torquay sites, both those options are automatically checked.

Note: You will need to upload a banner with at least 1300 pixels in width. It can be any height.

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