As a Project Administrator you will be responsible for managing a designated set of projects in EHQ. Use this resource to learn about what you can and can't do. This guide will cover the following:

  • Your role
  • Setting up projects
  • Keeping your community updated
  • Analysing reports

Your Role

Project Administrators in EngagementHQ have a unique role. As a Project Administrator you can do the following:

  • Manage Projects including tool selection, widgets and project visibility
  • Pull reports for your projects
  • Get insights from Dashboard and Audit Trail

One of the key differences between a Project Administrator and a Site Administrator is the ability to publish or create new projects. As a Project Administrator, you must be assigned projects by your site administrator and you will also need to advise them once your project is ready to go live, so they can publish and promote it on your homepage. Note that as project administrator you will also have access to limited menu items.

Project Administrators are sometimes project owners from outside the core community engagement team. This allows for a broader team of key internal stakeholders to assist in the management and creation of content for your site.

Setting Up Projects

In order to get started with your projects, you will need to ensure that you have been assigned access to the correct project. To do this, you will need to login and visit your main Project List and see if your project appears.

If it doesn't appear in the projects list, you will need to inform your Site Administrator and request they assign the relevant access to you. Our help article on Assigning projects to project admins can be used as a guide.

Once you have found your project you can then begin to add content, set up your engagement tools and manage the widgets on your projects. Use our Setting up a Project guide for relevant help resources or watch the video in this article.

Your site administrator will then publish the project. 

Keeping your community updated

After the project is published, you can monitor it and keep your community informed as it progresses through its different phases. A great way to do this is via email campaigns and social media, and you should work closely with your site or hub administrators to ensure you maintain regular contact with your community.

Since you won't have access to EHQ's newsletter tool you will again need to work closely with your team to get this done.

Analysing reports

You have full access to all reports for your assigned projects. This includes summary reports, on-screen graphs and insights, as well as detailed excel reports. As a project admin, you should pull your reports regularly to ensure that you are monitoring your project’s progress. Use our help resources to Report on your consultation successfully.

If you have used a survey in your consultation, we have a Survey analysis tool for detailed survey analysis by using filtering, comparing and crosstab (cross-tab) functionality.

It's also a good idea to utilise the Text Analysis feature of reporting if you are hosting forums as part of your consultations. This will allow you to code your un-structure feedback data and make it easier to report on. Read our help resource on Text Analysis as a guide to utilising this feature of EHQ for insights.

What's Next?

Why not learn about selecting the right tools for your project.

For more information about training, please click here.

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