In EngagementHQ, you can choose who can view and access your projects. Each project's access can be set independently of another. This will allow you to run a public campaign accessed by all or a closed consultation with only certain members of your community.

To set the visibility for your project, click on the Settings button on your project page.

On clicking this button, the following Settings page is displayed.

EngagementHQ offers three modes of visibility for the administrator to choose from:

Public Mode

The Public mode, as you can see in the image above, allows all participants to view and access the project. There are no restrictions on visibility.

Panelled Mode

Choose Panelled to allow everyone to view the project, but only predetermined participants such as community panel members, focus groups, or subsets of your database or community panel to participate. The panel should be selected from the groups available in the dropdown menu.

Note: See article Create and manage your participant groups for detailed steps to create a group. This is also applicable for protected projects, explained below.

Protected Mode

Choose Protected to allow only a selected group of people to view the project. This mode allows only predetermined participants such as staff, community panel members, focus and advisory groups, or subsets of your database to access the project and participate. The participants are selected from the groups available in the dropdown menu. Your project is completely restricted to the selected participants only.
Note: Protected projects will not appear in the cards on the old Homepage Manager for selection, you will have to provide the project URL to the participants.

After your changes are complete, remember to click the Save button available at the bottom of the page. 

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