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Manage your Hub's Appearance and Settings
Manage your Hub's Appearance and Settings

Manage your hub landing page and settings with the appearance editor

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This task is for Site Administrators and Hub Administrators.

Once a Site Administrator creates a Hub, they can either start managing it themselves or assign it to a Hub Administrator. Two essential elements for Hub management are:

First, go to Hubs in the main menu, and you'll see a list of Hubs that you can access.

Build your Hub's landing page

When you select a Hub, you'll go to the Appearance Editor for that Hub. It works the same as the Appearance Editor for the homepage, and you should be conscious of following any guidelines your Site Administrators have about style and design.

You can choose your template, add or remove sections, and configure the links on the landing page as you need to. The Header and Footer cannot be changed for specific Hubs; please contact your Site Administrator to change the Header or Footer for your site.

When setting up your landing page, include links to your Hub projects and any essential information about the Hub. You may want to use a FAQ section to provide participants with information about how they can engage within the Hub. Another section might include a Who's Listening to provide context about who's running the Hub.

When you're ready, you can Publish your Hub, but only if the homepage is published or a draft is prepared.

Once live, Site Administrators can link to the hub from the homepage by going to Appearance > Home Page Editor > Sections. In a Featured or Projects section, they can select Hub as the Card type and choose the correct Hub from the dropdown menu.

Hub Settings

There are three tabs for the Hub Settings: Details, Visibility, and Hub image.

The Details tab fields are:

  • Hub Title: Change the title of your Hub.

  • Hub Description: Add a description for your Hub that will appear along the image on any homepage links.

  • Assign to Admins: Select who can manage this Hub from the list of Hub Administrators.

  • Hub Tags: Add tags to the Hub to help search across Hubs.

In the Visibility tab, you can:

  • Visibility Type: View the Visibility setting for this Hub. You can only change this as you create the Hub. If you selected Protected Visibility, you will have a field to assign access by participant group.

  • Edit permalink: Select this to enter and Submit a new permalink for the Hub. Permalink words must be separated by a hyphen (-) and contain at least two characters, one of which must be alphabetical.

The Hub image tab allows you to add a:

  • Hub Image: Select Edit Image to upload an image from your computer. This image displays on your homepage when linking to the Hub, and you can upload .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif files.

  • Image Caption: Use the text field to give your image a caption.

  • Image Description: Add a short description for your image. Screen readers will read this description.

Save your settings when you're finished. Site Administrators can also use the Settings to Delete Hub and remove it from your site.

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