Understanding the project page

Manage your project details, description, banner, image, widgets and tools

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Once a project is created, you can start building page content. A project page consists of the following components:

Publishing and Settings

At the top of your project, you'll find the project settings. You can:

To remove the published or updated date from the bottom of the front-end project page, go to Site Settings > Project settings and disable the toggle Display page published and last updated dates.

Project banner

Depending on your theme banner settings, you can use this section to add, edit, or remove your project banner.

If your project banner isn’t working, it may not be enabled in your theme. Please contact your Site Administrator for help.

Project description and details

The main content area of your project gives you space to edit your project’s title, description, permalink, image, and tags.

Here are your options:

  • Title: select the title to change it. Please note that this will not change the permalink.

  • Permalink: select Edit permalink to create short and friendly URLs.

  • Description: use the text editor to build your project’s body content. You can also check the box to Truncate description to the first 100 words if your body content is extensive and over 200 words.

  • Project Image: upload, edit, or remove an image for your project.

  • Project tags: add tags to your project to help create participant groups.

Remember to always Save changes.


Widgets allow you to provide supplemental information to provide context and help your community further understand your project. You can add, configure, or delete widgets in the right-hand side panel of your project using the Add Widgets button.


Tools allow your participants to engage meaningfully with your projects. You can use this section to add, configure, or remove tools. There are nine tools to choose from, but we recommend only using those that fit your purpose.

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