Copying Widgets Across Projects

Learn how to copy widget information from one project to another.

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Project and Hub Administrators can copy widget content from projects they can access; Site Administrators can copy widget content from all projects.

Administrators can copy widget information across projects, saving content creators time when setting up multiple projects with similar content. For example, you may have the same staff managing all consultations; using this feature, you can copy those staff into several Who’s Listening widgets.

You can copy these widgets:

You cannot copy content from the Follow Project, Related Projects, Signup banner, News Categories widgets, or the Quick Poll tool (configurable as a widget).

Copy a Widget

To copy a widget:

  1. In the project, select Add Widget and choose the relevant widget.

  2. Expand the Add [widget] dropdown and select Copy Existing [widget].

  3. Use the Select project dropdown to select the existing project with the content and check the content you want to copy.

  4. Select Add to Widget and configure the rest of your settings.

For example, when copying FAQs, use the Add FAQ dropdown menu to select Copy Existing FAQ, then choose which content to copy.

When the copy is complete, you'll see this data on your site's front and back end. Administrators can initiate copying of large volumes of information and still move around to other parts of the app while the copying continues in the background.

For the Lifecycle widget, remember to delete all default stages before copying existing ones across.

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