You can manage your project documents (add, edit and delete) by using the Document widget in your EHQ project. To customize the display of the files which are visible on your EHQ page, the Document widget should be added to your page and configured. Additional documents can also be added via the widget.

Note : Documents can also be published to the document library widget using the Submissions Manager tool.

The common file types that can be uploaded in your project using the Document widget are:

  • Text Documents - PDF, MS and OpenOffice Excel (.xls, .xlsx), MS and OpenOffice Word (.doc, .docx), MS and OpenOffice PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Audio Files - mp3, wav, x-wav
  • Video Files - mp4, avi, mpeg, mov (Quicktime), flv
  • Image Files - jpg / jpeg, gif, png, bmp
  • Other- zip, xml

To use the widget, you need to add it to your EHQ project. The following steps describe how to add the widget:

Select the Projects link in the navigation bar of EHQ and click on your specific project. You can use the Search box to locate the required project.


Click on the title of your project. In this case, the project in which the widget is to be added is “Sample project for EHQ”. You can view the selected project’s page.

Click on the Add a widget button to add the Document widget to your project. A list of widgets is displayed on a draw from the right of the screen. Click on Documents.


Now, you can view the Documents page on your screen. In this page, you can add new documents, add link to documents, copy existing documents and change settings of the Document widget.

Configuring Documents Widget
In the Documents page, click on the Add Document button to add documents to your project’s Document widget. On clicking this button, you can see that there are three options available for adding documents in the drop-down menu.

You can perform the following actions using these three options: 

  • Add New Document - click on this option to add a new document to the Document widget of your project page. The following screen is displayed.   Select the file to be uploaded and click on the Open button. The selected file is added to your project’s Document widget. Similarly, you can upload multiple files. The document you just uploaded is visible in the Documents page of the widget.
  • Add Link to Document - click on this option to add a link to your document. The following screen is displayed. Enter a suitable title in the Title field and the necessary document URL in the Document URL field. After this, click on the Save & Close button.  

The document title with the link is displayed in the Documents page, as shown below.

  • Copy Existing Document - This option allows you to copy a document from another project to your current project. To perform this action, click on the Copy Existing Document option, The Copy Existing Document page is displayed. 

Click in the Select Project box and select the project from which you want to copy a document. Documents available in the selected project are displayed on the screen. Select the one that you want to copy to your project. You can copy all documents by selecting the Select All checkbox. Finally, click the Add to Widget button to add the document(s) to your project.   

The document is now available in your project’s Document widget as indicated in the image below.

Apart from adding documents in the Documents page, you can also create new folders, edit and delete them to organise your files, systematically. The procedures for the same are provided below.    

To create a folder

To create a new empty folder, enter the folder name in the folder name field and click the Create button. The new folder is displayed in the list of documents. You can drag and drop documents in the newly created folder.

To edit document details

To edit document details, click on the document name. The Edit Document page is displayed. Make the necessary changes and click the Save & Close button. To change the title, enter a new one in the Title box. You can replace the existing file with a new one by clicking on the Replace File button. 

To rename/delete a folder

To rename a folder in the Documents page, click on the folder name. The Name box is displayed on the screen. Enter the new folder name in the box and click the Save button.


To delete a folder, click on the delete button, as indicated in the figure below.


Rename the Documents Widget

You can change the title of the Documents widget by entering a new title in the Title field. Select the Hide title checkbox if you do not want the title to appear in the published project. After making the necessary changes in the Settings page, click on the Save & Close button. 

After adding documents to your project, you can view the document count in the widget’s section of your project page. You can learn more about this here.

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