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Share your Key Project Documents

Use the Documents widget to display documents on your project.

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The Documents widget is a document library that allows you to showcase the documents relevant to your consultation. You can upload relevant documents, display them in different folders, and publish documents submitted by participants to the widget.

The documents widget supports various file types:

  • Text: PDF, MS and OpenOffice Excel (.xls, .xlsx), MS and OpenOffice Word (.doc, .docx), MS and OpenOffice PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)

  • Audio: mp3, wav, x-wav

  • Video: mp4, mpeg, mov (Quicktime), flv – please note we also offer the Videos widget for video display

  • Image: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp – please note we also offer the Photos widget for photo galleries

  • Other: zip, xml

Add the Documents widget

You can add widgets to the right-hand content area of your project page:

  1. Select Add Widgets on your project page.

  2. Choose Documents from the Select Widgets menu.

  3. By default, the widget is called Documents; you can enter a new name in the Title of widget field. If you don’t want a title, check the Hide title box.

  4. Use the relevant option to Add Document, Create folder, or Copy existing document.

  5. Preview your project to see how the widget looks. Only the checked documents will display on the project page; all unchecked files are visible behind the More... link, which takes you to the document widget page. All documents will open in a new tab of the user’s browser.

Widgets are automatically saved and published to your project and listed in the widgets section of your project page. The documents widget shows the number of documents in the widget. You can also use the dropdown menu to Show or Hide it on your project, the bin icon to delete it, or select the title to edit it.

You can use the same instructions to add multiple Documents widgets to your project to showcase different sets of files. Alternatively, you can create collapsible folders within one widget to differentiate between sets of files.

Add or copy documents

There are two options to add files to your widget:

  1. Add document: you can Upload Document by selecting Upload and choosing the file from your computer or Add Link to Document by pasting in the Document URL. Both options give you a document Title field, and you can Save & Close when you’re finished.

  2. Copy existing document: use a document from an existing document widget by selecting the correct project and checking each document you want to copy. Select Add to Widget when you’re finished.

All documents you add are listed on the Documents page of your widget. You can:

  • Check or uncheck the widgets you want to display on the project page. Unchecked documents are accessible via the More... link, which takes users to the widget's standalone page.

  • Copy the document URL using the hyperlink icon.

  • Select the pen icon to replace or download the file or change the file title.

  • Use the bin icon to delete the file. This is permanent, and deleting a folder will also delete all documents within it.

  • Drag and drop them in the list to reorder them.

You can use the Documents widget with protected projects. These projects will be inaccessible to users outside of the group, but they are still downloadable. Any documents you upload or link to can be downloaded and shared among people outside of the project.

Create and manage folders

Folders help keep your documents organized or separated.

  1. Select Create folder and then use the Folder name field to give it a name. You won’t be able to save it until it has a name.

  2. Select Submit to save the folder or Cancel to stop.

  3. Your folder will be listed with your documents; drag documents into the folder to nest them and drag and drop folders to reorder them.

  4. You can use the pen icon to edit your folder’s name and the bin icon to delete it. If you delete a folder, you also delete any documents in it.

  5. Check the Collapse all folders to participants box to condense them on the live project page. Participants can then select the folder to expand them and see the documents inside.

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