The Quick Poll tool of EHQ is used by administrators to set polls and by participants to cast their votes regarding a particular topic or issue. The article Add a Quick Poll covers the details on creating a poll. This article describes the process of displaying the Quick Poll as a widget. 

The following steps describe how to set up Quick Poll as a widget.

  1. Select the the Projects link from the left side menu of EHQ and click on your specific project.

This will display the project’s Manage page. Click on an already created Quick Poll's edit option. 

2. When you click the Settings button, the following page is displayed.

3. In this layout, select the Display as Widget option and click on the enable button. Then hit save. You will be directed back to the Manage project page. 

4. Click on the Add widget link on the right hand side to enable the Quick Poll widget in the project. 

The following widgets page is displayed. Select Quick Polls.

5. You can select which quick polls you'd like displayed as widgets OR you can add a quick poll. This quick poll will also need to be published to be displayed on the front-end.

6. You can hide or customize the title of the widget via the settings button. 

7. You have successfully added Quick Poll in widgets. You can also hide or delete a quick poll on the Manage project page. 

P.S a front-end preview of how a quick poll as a widget would look like:

Note: After adding the poll, you can view the results in the contemporary bar chart view.

There are a few do and don’ts of the Quick Poll that you need to check:
 You can:

  • Run concurrent polls.
  • Have multiple polls display in the widget views.
  • Select a default poll of your choice to display in the widget view.
  • Click through open polls by clicking the Next or Previous buttons.
  • Complete a Quick Poll without registering.
  • Display only published quick polls.
  • Change your vote at any time.
  • View this perfectly on the mobile version.

Note: Unverified users have to provide an email address before they can submit.

You cannot:

  • Have the widget and the tool display active at once.
  • Ask the same question more than once.
  • Display archived quick polls.

What's next? Read our article on Casting a quick poll vote to see the participant view and understand how the participant can use the quick poll to vote.

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Did this answer your question?