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Polls encourage people to give a quick answer to one question, selecting from multiple choice answers. They are able to instantly see the Poll results, peaking their interest and giving you real-time insight. This tool allows the admin to set up polls on a topic and then participants can cast their votes. The participants can be restricted to only registered users or made open to all.

Quick Poll is also the only tool that can be configured as a widget for display. 

To use the Quick Poll tool, you need to add it to your page. The following steps describe how to add the tool:

  1. Select the Projects link from the top menu of EnagagementHQ and click on your specific project from the drop-down menu. This will display the Project Page.

2. Click on the Add Tool tab. A list of tools is displayed that can be added to your page. Select the Quick Poll tool.

You can change the name of the tool by clicking the pencil icon. In the displayed Name field you can mention the desired name of the tool and click on the Save button to save the changes.

Click on the Quick Poll tool. . 

1. Enter the poll question in the field 'Add your question'. The maximum character limit for the description field is 248.
2. Enter the options in the boxes under the section 'Options'. You can delete or add more option boxes based on your question. The maximum character limit for the options field is 254.
3. Enter the Permalink you want. This is optional.
4. Click on Create.

This will open into the Quick Poll manage page. Here you can Edit the Quick poll in the Details tab. By clicking on the Settings tab one can make changes to the Participation settings. By clicking on the 'Share' button, we can embed the tool on another website or share via the standalone link. For more information on the same, refer to this article.

5. You can restrict the participants by using the Participation Settings. Read this article for further information on this type of participation.
Note: Anonymous contributions carry a higher level of risk. Contributions of this type are not traceable and multiple entries can be made by a single participant. Please consider this when making your selection.

6. Enable the Display as Widget option if you want the Quick poll to be added as a widget rather than a tool.

In the below section, you can enter a 'Thank you' message that will be visible to users after they take part in the quick poll.

7. Click Save on the settings tab to complete the creation of the poll.

8. The poll created will be saved in draft, when ready to start the poll it should be published by selecting Publish from the dropdown. Use the preview button to see how your poll will appear to the participant. 

See the preview of this poll below.

Note: The results are shown in the contemporary bar chart view.

What you can and cannot do in a Quick Poll

There are few do’s and don’ts of the Quick Poll that you need to check:
 You can:

  • Run concurrent polls.

  • Have multiple polls and display them in the widget views.

  • Select a default poll of your choice to display in the widget view.

  • Click through open polls by clicking the Next or Previous buttons.

  • Complete a Quick Poll without registering.

Note: Unverified users have to provide an email address and screen name before they can submit

  • The participant can change their vote at any time.

You cannot:

  • Ask the same question more than once.

  • Have a picture/image in the poll.

  • Have the widget and the tool display active at once.

What's next? Read our article on Casting a quick poll vote to see the participant's view and understand how the participant can use the quick poll to vote.

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