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On a Quick Poll, participants can quickly cast votes and answer single multi-choice questions. Users can easily and immediately engage with your consultation and see how other community members feel about specific issues. You can use this as a tool or a widget, and you can restrict participation to registered users or open it up to everyone.

To add a Quick Poll tool:

  1. On your project page, select Add a tool.

  2. Select Quick polls from the Tools list; you’ll find it under All or Controlled environment.

  3. Add your question to the available field. There is a character limit of 248, and this will also create the Permalink, which you can Edit at any time.

  4. Use each Options box to provide a single answer. Select Add option to add more answer options; you can add up to 10 options.

  5. When you’re ready, select Create.

  6. You can Edit your question and answers in the Details tab and go to the Settings tab to change your settings.

  7. Remember to Save your changes, Preview, and Publish your tool when ready. You can also select the pen icon next to the tool name to change it.

  8. To create another poll, select Add a quick poll and follow the steps above.

At any time, you can Edit, Unpublish, or Archive your poll, but be careful when changing a poll people have already engaged in. You can only Delete a poll if there are no responses, and you can only Remove options if no one has voted for it. If participants have voted for an option, you can still Hide it to prevent others from submitting that answer.

Quick poll Settings

Quick poll settings available include:

  • Participation type: choose which users can participate. You can select from:

    a. Registered participants: users must be registered and activated before participating and can make one submission. This participation type will give you reliable data and grow your database.
    b. Anonymous: anyone who visits your site can answer the poll; as the users are unverified, there is a greater risk of skewed data. Additionally, users can cast their vote more than once by opening the poll in various browsers.
    c. Unverified participation: anyone can participate but must provide a screen name and email first and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  • Display as widget: enable this to display your Quick poll(s) as a widget instead of a tool. This is a project-wide setting, so if you have multiple polls, changing this setting will change it for all of them.

  • Permalink: select Edit to change the URL of this tool.

  • Thank You Message: use the text editor to configure a thank you message to display after participants submit their answers. We recommend keeping this brief, but it can also be an excellent place to encourage further participation.

Remember to always Save after changing your settings.

Share your Quick poll

Participants and Admins can share your site on social media, but Admins can also use the Share tab to retrieve a link or embeddable code. To share your poll, both the project and poll must be published, and participation must be set to Anonymous on the poll.

There are three options:

  1. Standalone: Select Copy link to retrieve a link to the poll, which you can distribute to anyone. Remember, anyone with the link can access the poll.

  2. Add to webpage: Select Copy code to retrieve an embed code you can embed into your website.

  3. Add iFrame: Select Copy code to retrieve an iFrame if your website does not support inline script

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