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How to add and manage key days for your consultation

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The Key Dates widget allows you to showcase important dates relating to your consultation. For example, you could use the widget to show:

  • The opening and closing dates for applications

  • Key in-person meetings, events, or activities

  • A short indication of the consultation period

Using the Key Dates widget, you can provide the date, title, and description of single- or multi-day events. When a participant selects a date on your project page, they are linked to the standalone Key Dates page, which includes the full list of dates and their descriptions.

If you’re trying to embed a calendar, we recommend using a custom widget.

To add Key Dates to your project:

  1. On your project page, select Add Widgets and choose Key Dates from the Select Widgets menu.

  2. Edit the widget title using the pen icon or check Hide title to hide it.

  3. Select Add Key Date from the dropdown menu to create a new date.

  4. Choose to add a:

    • Single Day Event: use the Select date field to choose the correct date

    • Multi-Day Event: use the Select date range field to choose a start and end date

  5. For both options, you can check the box to Show only month and year.

  6. Add a Title and Description. The Title field has a character limit of 250, and the Description limit is 2000. The Description is a great place to add links or information for event registration.

  7. Save & Close when you’re finished.

  8. Another option is to select Copy Existing Key Date, allowing you to reuse events from other projects. Use the Select project dropdown to choose the correct project, check each date you want to copy, and select Add to Widget.

  9. Use the pen icon to edit dates or the bin icon to delete them. The pin icon indicates the date will show on your project page.

  10. Enable Hide past key dates to automatically hide them as they pass.

  11. Use the number field to decide how many dates to show, drag and drop to reorder them, and choose from:

    • Show Top: display dates in the order of the list.

    • Show Recent: show the most recently added date first.

Widgets are automatically saved and published to your project and listed in the widgets section of your project page. You can also use the dropdown menu to Show or Hide it on your project, the bin icon to delete it, or select the title to edit it.

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