Add widgets to your project

Add widgets to customize the presentation of information on your site.

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Widgets display in your project's side panel content area, allowing you to present project information in small snippets for your community. Widgets help your community understand projects with supplemental information, such as images, videos, sign-up links, important links, dates, and documents.

You can add widgets to any project, and you can also copy the content from most of them.

There are 14 widgets to choose from:

  • Documents: a document library to share key project documents - copy function available

  • FAQs: answer common questions about the project - copy function available

  • Important Links: group useful resources about your project - copy function available

  • Who’s Listening: tell your community which staff are listening to them - copy function available

  • Photos: include a photo gallery on your project - copy function available

  • Videos: include a video for your project - copy function available

  • Key Dates: highlight important dates for the project - copy function available

  • Signup Banner: encourage users to register and participate

  • Lifecycle: outline your project’s timeline - copy function available

  • Custom: build a custom widget for your project - copy function available

  • Follow Project: include a follow button to encourage participants to stay updated

  • News Categories: add categories to organize your news feed

  • Related Projects: display related projects to drive engagement

  • Quick Polls (also a tool): display a Quick Poll as a widget

Add a widget

To add a widget:

  1. On your project page, select the Add Widgets button in the right-hand side panel. If you have any active widgets, they will also be listed here.

  2. Select the widget you want from the list.

  3. Configure your widget’s settings, then Save & Close it.

  4. You can edit an existing widget by selecting the title, Delete a widget using the bin icon, or use the dropdown menu to Show or Hide it.

All widgets have their own configuration tools; you can find detailed instructions for each in the Widgets collection of this help desk.

Copy content from an existing widget

Project and Hub Administrators can copy widget content from projects they can access; Site Administrators can copy widget content from all projects.

Administrators can copy widget information across projects, saving content creators time when setting up multiple projects with similar content. For example, you may have the same staff managing all consultations; using this feature, you can copy those staff into several Who’s Listening widgets.

Following this example, to copy a widget:

  1. In the project, select Add Widget and choose Who’s Listening.

  2. Expand the Add Team Member dropdown and select Copy Existing Team Member.

  3. Select the existing project that has the content and check each team member you want to copy.

  4. Select Add to Widget and configure the rest of your settings.

When the copy is complete, you’ll see this data on the front and back end of your site. Administrators can initiate copying of large volumes of information and still move around to other parts of the app while the copying continues in the background.

For the Lifecycle widget, remember to delete all default stages before copying existing ones across.

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