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Tools for Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Tools for Qualitative and Quantitative Data

List of the tools with the type of data it can be used for gathering, either qualitative or quantitative.

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The type of data you're hoping to receive will influence which tool you select for your consultation. For example, you may be looking for quantitative data, in which case a Quick poll might be best. If you're looking for qualitative data instead, the Stories tool might be more useful. Many of our tools can give you both kinds of data, depending on how you use them.

When contributions start coming in, you can measure the quantitative engagement metrics using the Summary Report. This report includes data on the amount of aware, informed, and engaged visitors, and contributors and responses. Conversely, the text analysis tool will help with qualitative data analysis.

While all data can be measured quantitatively (as you can count the number of submissions), some data is, by nature, more qualitative than quantitative. How you measure your responses will depend on the nature of the tool.


Qualitative data

Quantitative data

  • Text-based submissions

  • Up or down (like or dislike) votes for each forum contribution; this can show significance to different comments but will require an in-house methodology for measuring them.

  • Text-based comments and titles

  • Image upload

  • Geo-locations and visual map images

  • Amount of pins

  • Responses for quantitative surveys

  • Some visual/spatial data can be quantified to a degree

  • Image upload

  • Text-based submissions

  • Amount of Ideas

  • Votes and Comments; the count of Votes and Comments can show weightage to the corresponding Idea.

  • Text-based submissions

  • Image upload

  • Video upload

  • Count of Stories

  • Text-based submissions

  • Amount of Guestbook contributions

  • Text-based submissions

  • Count of Questions asked

  • Text-based submissions


Note: the survey analysis tool can help analyze your survey data.

Surveys can be qualified with open-response questions, such as:

  • Single line

  • Essay

  • File Upload

Surveys can be quantified with choice and scale questions, such as:

  • Dropdown

  • Radio

  • Checkbox

  • Ranking

  • Likert

  • Emoji


  • Single-question surveys and voting

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