When generating reports in EngagementHQ you will come across references to visitors, contributors, and responses. In this article, we outline what each metric means to assist you in reporting on your consultation.


This is the number of people who have visited your survey page. This will be equal to or higher than your Contributors count. Read the article How site visits and visitors are captured to understand more details.


This is the number of people who have submitted your survey. There is also a breakdown of this number into users who are admins, registered, unverified (email not verified), and anonymous.


 The number of submissions made on your survey. You will find at times (in help articles for example), that the words contributions and submissions being used interchangeably. This is normal, as they're synonymous in the context of EngagementHQ.

NOTE - This number of responses will be equal to or greater than the number of Contributors based on the Participation Type set on the survey. The participation type will determine if a user is allowed only a single submission or multiple submissions. Read the article on Survey participation types explained to understand more details.

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