With Engagement Embeds, you can add your Projects Survey or Quick Poll from EngagementHQ to your corporate website, CMS, or as a stand-alone, so that community members can participate from a single interface no matter the channel or device, and you can centralize all your insights in one place.

Setting up for Success

Before Community Members can participate using an Engagement Embed Quick Poll or Survey, each tool must meet the following configuration requirements:

  1. Project status must be "Published"

  2. Participation settings must be "Anyone can Participate"

  3. Tool status must be "Published"


  1. Project visibility settings do not impact Engagement Embeds; anyone with the embed or standalone link can access the tool, regardless of whether the project is “protected” or otherwise.

  2. Ranking questions will appear as a radio button question type when the survey embed option is used.

Adding Engagement Embeds to Web Apps

Follow the steps below to add an Engagement Embed tool to your website or social property.

  1. Navigate to the project page manage screen www.yourdomainhere/admin/projects

  2. Select the Quick Poll or Survey Tool you want to share

  3. Click on the new button labeled "Share"

  4. A drawer will open that hosts the embed and standalone snippets.

  5. The checklist here confirms that the tool is published and that the participation is set to "Anyone".

  6. Copy the Standalone or Embed code and paste it into your desired environment.

Note: If you are having trouble implementing the snippet in your desired environment you can test the code in a CMS editor (like this one) if you’re still having trouble please consult your IT team for further guidance.

Browser Requirements for Engagement Embeds

Engagement Embeds and Reporting

Reporting on Engagement Embeds works in much the same way as your usual Quick Poll and Survey reporting - while we don’t facilitate filtering by submission type all submissions using Engagement Embeds are captured in EngagementHQ reports, including in Submissions Manager.

Every submission made through an Engagement Embed survey or Quick Poll will count as:

1 Aware, Informed, and Engaged Visitor with 1 Visit and 1 Contribution.

Each subsequent submission will count as another visit in the same manner.

If a survey has received 3 Contributions, then a total of 3 Aware, Informed, and Engaged Visitors, with 3 Visits and 3 Contributions would be attributed.

No page views would be counted.

For more detailed information on how frequently Engagement Embeds are seen, we recommend using Google Analytics page view reporting.


Typically, if nothing shows at all, there's been an error in copying or customizing the code. Please try again.

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