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Understand the participant experience when using a survey

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This article helps administrators understand the appearance and process of using various features of the Surveys tool, from the front end (participant view). The Survey tool settings are saved, and the questions are created by the admin in the back end (admin view). These settings reflect on the front end, where the participant answers the questions.

NOTE: To understand the process of adding this tool in a project page, please see the article Add and Manage Surveys

The following steps describe how to preview and access various features of the Surveys tool at the front end (participant view) .

1. Select the respective project from the projects list as shown below. 

2. In the project page, click on the Preview button on the respective survey. The following front end (participant view) of the selected survey is displayed. This is the page that a participant can view and access.

NOTE: All unpublished Surveys tool items are displayed as ‘Draft’. Only administrators can view these in the preview mode.  

Understanding the front end of the Surveys tool

This section aims to explain various features of the Surveys tool available at the front end (participant view). Participants use this screen to take part in a survey. They can also share these surveys through social networking sites and emails. The below illustrations help administrators understand how changes made in the back end (admin view) are reflected in the front end (participant view). 

The front end screen of the Surveys tool is quite easy to understand and use. Participants may follow the below steps to take part in this tool.

  1. Click on the Take Survey button.

The following screen is displayed.

2. Respond to the survey questions. These questions can be in the form of essays, drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, dates, ranks or more as described in the article on Survey Question Types explained.

3. After entering the responses, click on the Submit* button.

Unverified Participation: When the unverified option is enabled in the tool settings, the participants are asked to enter an email address and username to submit their survey responses. Please refer to the screenshot below for more details:

Participants will then see the acknowledgment message that you had entered in the Acknowledgement Message section in the back end (admin view) of your survey. They will also be able to view a holistic representation of survey results collected so far by clicking on "View responses".

Note: The section 'View Responses' shows the combined total of fully completed submissions and partially completed ones. These partially completed ones are the submissions where users are still taking part in the survey and have saved their responses on a few pages. Hence, the section 'View Responses' should not be referred to if you're looking for accurate data on survey submissions.

*NOTE - Only when the Submit button is clicked on, the survey responses are saved. So for a single page survey, responses are NOT saved till it is submitted. For multi-page surveys, the responses of the completed pages (not the current page) will be saved locally till the submission of the survey. Read about creating multi-page surveys in the article on Use page elements to add a page to your survey.

You can understand how the social share modal pop-up works by referring to the article Social media sharing article.

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