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7 Tips to Get the Most Out of EngagementHQ Surveys
7 Tips to Get the Most Out of EngagementHQ Surveys

Master the community survey with our top tips

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Getting the most out of community surveys requires sticking to best practices. This article details insights on getting the most out of every opportunity to gather community responses and turn them into action.

Start with the planning checklist for surveys

The EngagementHQ team has compiled a checklist to use before creating any community survey to ensure users are on the path to success. Check it out here.

Choose the right delivery method

EngagementHQ surveys include many different question types. For the best engagement and results, choosing the appropriate question type and delivery method is essential.

Internal research shows that short surveys get better response rates when embedded into a website, while longer surveys with more than three questions are better delivered via a dedicated participation page where users can focus on their answers.

Deliver surveys in context

If a survey asks about a specific service, show the survey on the service’s related website page. If seeking community feedback regarding a recent interaction, include the survey in an email with other relevant information, such as key dates and reference numbers.

Plan how data will drive change

A great survey should only be the beginning of something more meaningful for an organization and their community. Organizing collected survey data into helpful feedback taxonomies helps make sense of free text feedback, captures patterns and identifies trends among different community segments. This information can drive follow-up actions and workflows inside and outside of EngagementHQ.

In EngagementHQ, users might identify one approach that works better than another, and duplicate that approach across other initiatives. Also, users might use community input to determine segments and adjust outreach efforts in marketing automation software such as govDelivery.

Use “Import participants” and filtering to survey the right people

Use the import participants feature to add audiences from different systems into EngagementHQ, such as a list from an event registration.

Filter and target audiences based on profile information, engagement levels, or tags.

Don’t over-survey

Set a cadence that will feel manageable for audiences depending on the organization type and learning goals. Consider other messages that audiences may be receiving from the organization. Use the "last seen” filter to ensure inactive registrants don’t receive too many messages.

Make it fun and personal

Include participant information in survey communications, such as the participant’s name ([Participant_screen_name) in EngagementHQ newsletters to help tailor outreach.

Consider using the ”Who’s Listening" widget and displaying a sender name and avatar. If it feels appropriate, include emojis and images to lighten the mood.

Have other survey tips? Share them in govCommunity

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