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Hide questions and options on a published survey
Hide questions and options on a published survey

Can I delete a question on a published survey? Or remove an option from a question for future survey takers?

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While there is no option to delete an unnecessary question, admins can hide questions by making them Inactive and hide or delete answer options from surveys. We recommend reading about the impacts of changing a published survey before you remove questions or options.

To hide a question, go to the question in the Manage Questions tab and disable the Active toggle to make it Inactive. It will disappear from your list, but you can check the Show inactive questions box to see all questions. Reactivate it by toggling it back to Active.

Inactive questions will not affect your reporting, but you will need to be specific in your time range when filtering your report. Your inactive question will only show in the time range in which it was visible.

You can also remove answer options from your choice questions. You can either:

  • Delete an option by selecting the X icon, if no participants have selected the option.

  • Hide an option by selecting eye icon, if participants have chosen this option already. Select the icon again to Unhide it.

When using logic in your survey, please note the following:

  • Always remove skip or conditional logic before hiding questions or options. The logic will no longer be in effect, but if you later reactivate the question, it may be out of order.

  • Deactivating a parent conditional question will also deactivate all child questions; reactivating the parent will then do the same for the child questions.

  • If you deactivate a child question, it will show beneath the parent regardless of whether Show inactive questions is checked. It will also deactivate any conditional questions below it in the hierarchy.

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