Conditional OR Skip Logic?

Understand when to use the conditional logic and the skip logic.

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Our surveys provide the option to Add Conditional Logic and Add Skip Logic, this article covers the difference between these two options so you can decide what will work best for your survey!

How branching/routing is done
The skip logic lets you route the participant from one question to another question either on the same page or another page.
The conditional logic creates a new branch of questions under it, that is, a question within a question in the same page.

When the action takes place
The skip logic takes effect only at the end of the page, not instantly when the question is answered.
The conditional logic works instantly, not at the end of the page.

When it is possible to use
The skip logic button will appear only on the radio button and dropdown choice questions and allows you to skip to any question on the survey (all the questions on all the pages will be listed as a target to skip towards).

The conditional logic button will appear on all the question types in a survey once a radio button, dropdown or checkbox type choice question is created. However, only the radio button, dropdown or checkbox question types can be a parent question type to all the other question types.

The skip logic question can be used to only skip to the parent of a conditional question, not the child - the child questions will not be listed as an option to skip to.
The conditional logic question can use a skip logic within the parent or child question, though this might make the survey logic more complicated.

Note: We recommend applying skip logic to take participants forward and not send them back to a previous question or page to avoid an endless loop.

Example of conditional question :
 A question that has a condition within a condition, like 

     1. What kind of community do you want?
           a. Why is this important?
           b. How is that different from the way things are now?

Example of skip logic question :
A question which has a series of follow on questions, like

    What is your favorite music genre?
         - A series of questions for R&B lovers
         - A series of questions for Pop lovers
         - A series of questions for Rock lovers

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