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Learn what you can do with surveys, and about the participant experience when completing a survey

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The survey tool will help you gather comprehensive data about your community. Our surveys feature a mobile-first design, emphasizing accessibility and responsiveness to all devices, ensuring that all community members can participate.

When you create a survey, you can design it to collect quantitative and qualitative data and use the Survey Analysis tool to examine your responses. There are many features of the survey tool that you can use to engage your community, including:

Tips for using Surveys

Designing meaningful surveys and only using them when they fit the consultation is important. Using surveys excessively can reduce response rates.

Before you build your survey, consider:

  • The objectives and expected outcome of the survey. Have you planned what questions to ask to collect the information you require? Do you know how you will implement the data you receive?

  • You can only delete questions in draft surveys with no responses. If your survey has responses, you can hide questions but not delete them. Planning which questions you want to ask before creating the survey can help you keep your surveys clean. If you need to, you can use the Clone Survey function to copy an existing survey without any inactive questions.

  • Before you publish a survey, Preview and test it on desktop and mobile devices, especially if you’re using logic. You want to be sure that your surveys are accessible and mobile-friendly. For example, consider the length of your survey and any introductory text on a mobile device; if it's too long, consider adding another page or using a Section Title and Description to separate groups of questions.

  • Once a survey is published and responses come in, be mindful of editing your survey any further. Familiarize yourself with the impacts of changing a published survey before attempting any changes.

What does it look like?

Once you have created a survey, admins can Preview it to see the participants’ experience.

  1. On the project page, participants can select the Take Survey button to go to the survey page.

  2. On the survey page, participants can start their response. Participants who have logged in will see their username and the option to logout. All respondents can view the progress bar showing them the percentage of questions they’ve answered.

  3. If you set the Participation type as Unverified, users must enter an Email and Screen name, and agree to the Terms of use and Privacy Policy before responding.

  4. Multi-page surveys have a progress bar below the title that displays how far into the survey the participant is. If the survey has multiple pages, participants can select Next to continue. When they’re ready, they can Submit their response.

  5. On a multi-page survey, a logged-in participant can save any completed pages if they navigate away from the current page.

  6. After submitting, participants can see the Thank You Message configured in your survey settings and, if enabled, can View responses.

  7. The survey results show participants how they and others have responded to each question. Participants can use the Next and Previous buttons to slide between each question.

What else?

To get the most from your surveys, check out:

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