One of the best ways to keep your community informed about current consultations is to send them regular email campaigns. Email campaigns can be used to send project updates, regular communications and can also be used to drive participation in your new projects.

Note: Only Site Administrators (and Hub Administrators in the Enterprise License) can send emails. Project Administrators cannot send or view newsletters at all.

Emails in EHQ are directly linked to your community database allowing you to accurately target specific community segments for participation. This database is captured through the signup process for your EHQ site and your segments will be dependant on the signup form questions you asked your community to answer. To find out more about setting up a registration form your should read our article "Developing a registration form."

Create a new email

  1. Click on the Newsletters link. The Newsletters page is displayed. You can create a new newsletter and then email it. Or, you can pick the ones already existing in the Newsletters page. 

2. Click the Create Newsletter button to create a new newsletter. 

The Design Newsletter page is displayed as shown below.

3. Enter a subject in the Subject text field.
4. Select the Include site logo checkbox to include your site logo. This is optional and in many instances not necessary if you have attached a banner that incorporates you logo as detailed below.
5. Enable the 'Add Banner Image' option and Click on Select Banner drop-down list to apply a site banner or project banner. This section will pull through the banner that you have attached to an individual project. 

NOTE: The Project Banner option will NOT display if in your Theme Management you have selected Site, but not Project Banners to be available, like so:

6. Enter the email content in the Content field. You can edit the already existing sample text, or delete it to enter new information.
7. Click the Preview button. The Preview Newsletter page is displayed. Here, you can preview the newsletter and check for errors.

8. Click the Back to Edit Design button located at the end of the Preview Newsletter page to edit the newsletter.
9. Click the Send Test Email button to send yourself and your colleagues a test email. Once the button is clicked you are prompted for the email ids to where the test email will be sent.

Selecting recipients

10. Click the Select Recipients button to email the newsletter to the required recipients. The Select Recipients page is displayed. 

When you are ready to select your recipients, there are two distinct ways to communicate with you community. The first way is by targeting project association using the Projects drop-down, which will find community members that signed up against specific projects and the second is by creating segments or Groups of people in your database. The later option allows you to better target your campaign and choose from a range of attributes.

11. Click on the SELECT ALL PROJECTS checkbox to select all the listed projects. OR, click on the checkboxes located next to the project names to select only the required projects.


  • When you select a project, a participant who has registered through that project initially or is an engaged participant of that project is added to the mailing list.
  • You have to specifically select 'Include project followers' to include just the subscribers of your project. Read our article on How to include project followers to understand who your project subscribers are.

12. Click on the Groups drop-down. The following page is displayed. The number on the Groups drop-down indicates the number of groups available. Groups save you the time and effort involved in entering the email addresses of each recipient individually. There are detailed instructions on creating or editing a group in the article Create and manage your participant groups.

13. Click on the Select All Groups checkbox, to select all groups. Or, select only the required groups by clicking on the respective check-boxes. In case of many groups, you can use the Search box to search for the required group. 

The following screen displays the screen names, email addresses and subscribed status of the recipients. Here, you can click on the checkboxes to unselect a recipient. In case of many recipients you can use the Search box to search for a recipient.

NOTE: Duplicate recipients will be automatically removed, i.e. if the same email id appears in more than one group, it will appear only once in the recipients list.

16. Click the Review & Send button for a final review of the newsletter OR click the Edit Design button again to make further changes to the newsletter.

17. On click of Add button the Review & Send page is displayed. Glance through the newsletter once again, then click the Send button to send the newsletter to the recipients. The emails are sent out immediately once you click on Send. 

Note: Option is provided to edit the subject of the newsletter or the recipients list.

Once sent the following page indicating that your newsletter is sent successfully is displayed.

You can track if your newsletters were delivered, opened and clicked upon once sent, read the article on Understand the newsletter recipient metrics.

Clone option

If you'd like to send an existing newsletter to more users, you can click on the Clone option of the respective newsletter and continue adding recipients.

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