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Provide a link to a document or image in any of the tools.
Provide a link to a document or image in any of the tools.

Use your document library link in tools like the forum, news feed, surveys or stories.

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In the description area of your project page, as well as in the engagement tools and widgets such as Forum, Newsfeed, Surveys, Custom widget, etc. you can provide hyperlinks to the documents and images added on your project.

Note : For security reasons, the AWS URL (the URL of the document/image that you open from your EnagagementHQ site) which typically looks like this -[…]27c84fb07dd9423d26d1d085bd65b572d90d6c62, expires after a certain period of time. We recommend using the document preview link as shown below :

To obtain the link to the document (in the Documents widget ), go to the widget on the back end and click on the "hyperlink" icon visible next to the document.

To obtain the link to the image, right-click on the image from the front end, and from the dropdown click “Copy image address”/ “Copy image location

Once you have the document URL, follow the steps below to create a hyperlink :

1. Navigate to the desired location (the description area of your project page, tool, or widget).
2. Select the text that you wish to hyperlink.
3. Select the Insert link icon.

4. In the URL field, paste in copied URL of the document.
5. The highlighted text for the URL is displayed in the Text box, this can be edited as required.
6. Click Insert to apply changes.

7. To get the URL for the entire list of documents, click on the button 'more...' in the Documents widget (this button appears only if all the documents are NOT selected in the widget) and copy the URL of the page that opens. This is the URL that you can use to create a hyperlink, as explained above.

8. Just like hyperlinking text, you can hyperlink an image as well. After copying the image URL as explained at the start, follow these steps.

i) Select the image in the description area of the Project, tool or widget.

ii) In the options that open, click on 'Insert Link'.

iii) Add the URL and hit 'Insert'. Your image is now hyperlinked.

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