The text editor (WYSIWYG)
Learn how to use the editor in EnagagementHQ.
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The WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor is used for most content editing across EngagementHQ. 

This fully functional Editor has a plethora of features as given below:

Text Formatting

To apply the required editing, simply highlight the word(s) you want to edit and click the relevant function.

  • Bold, italicize, underline and strike text

  • Font family and Font size

  • Paragraph Style and Paragraph Format options to edit the project description style

  • Align text: left, center, right, or justify

  • Increase Indent or decrease indent

  • Create ordered and unordered lists

  • Hyperlink text by entering any external link (URL) to the information(Text).

  • Cut / Copy and Paste using keyboard shortcuts

  • Clear formatting

Note : When the text with formatting is copied from a Word document and pasted into EnagagementHQ , we have clear formatting option. This gives admin option to retain the formatting or reformat in EnagagementHQ.

  • Undo

Color Picker

  • Choose between Big Red or Small Blue for Inline Style


  • Code view : You can add or update the HTML code within the code view section. You must click on “code view” Icon once the code has been modified, to exit the code view and then click on Save to save the changes.

NOTE - Click the code view button again to end the code view.

  • Insert emoticons

  • Strikethrough text

  • Insert horizontal line between paragraphs

Table Editing

  • Insert tables to represent data

  • Set table properties: rows and cols

  • Choose table alignment: left, center, right

  • Choose table border and cell style

  • Select table background color

  • Align text within the table: left, center, right, or justify

Image and Media

  • Insert image from your project photo gallery or use external URLs or upload images

  • Insert embedded code for adding interactive media

  • Input alternate text for accessibility compliance

  • Set image alignment: left, center, right, and more

  • Change width and height

  • Select border style

  • Admins can add images anywhere within the project description.

Note: Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia are supported. It is not possible to use the link of videos added in the Videos widget.

Inline feature for images

  • Upload an image and click on it to view the inline option

  • Allows admins to upload images beside the text and align per the requirements

  • The image could be aligned to the left or the right in the description area, with the text wrapping around the image accordingly

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