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Site Administrator User Guide

This guide explains what you need to do as a site administrator before you launch your site.

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Site Administrators are responsible for managing your EngagementHQ site, including users, your community database, the site, and the content.

This user guide will cover the following:

We recommend implementing these items before launching your site; this will ensure your site and organization are fully prepared to engage with your community.

Your role

Site Administrators oversee an organization's EngagementHQ environment. Your role encompasses:

As they have the highest access to the platform, Site Administrators usually lead your online engagement projects. You should assign the most relevant staff as Site Admins, such as Engagement Managers, Communications Managers, or project leads.

Most sites allow up to three Site Administrators. To find out how many Site Administrators can be on your account, check your license agreement by contacting your Customer Success Manager or the EngagementHQ help desk.

Set up your teams

To assist with building your site and managing projects, you'll need to set up engagement teams. There are three administrator types in EngagementHQ:

To set up your teams, you'll need to add or invite your administrators as users to your EngagementHQ environment and assign them the permissions they need for their roles.

Once your administrators are on the Team page of your EngagementHQ site, you can start assigning them to projects. Please note, however, that you can only appoint a Project Administrator to a project once it has been created; Project Administrators cannot create or publish projects.

Prepare your community database

EngagementHQ relies on the Participant Relationship Management (PRM) tool to help you segment, understand, and manage your community database.

Using the PRM, you can filter and analyze your database to understand the demographics behind your community and how they engage with your projects.

The PRM utilizes the signup form questions your community fills out as they register to participate in online engagement. As such, you can use the form to gather important information, such as age, location, or interests.

You can edit the signup form from your Site Settings, and you must consider what community information will be most beneficial for engagement, promotion, and reporting.

Get your content ready

Now, it's time to get your content ready to launch your site. You'll have created your teams, so you can rely on them to assist you in creating content.

The necessary content includes:

Your Site Settings

As a Site Administrator, you must manage all settings on your site on an ongoing basis. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the range of settings available on your EngagementHQ site.

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