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Add projects to a Hub

Learn how to assign a project to a hub in the EngagementHQ enterprise edition.

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Once you have set up your Hub, you can start assigning projects to that Hub. Site and Hub Administrators can add projects to Hubs, but there are some restrictions for Hub Administrators.

Projects in a Hub will take on the Visibility settings of that Hub; if you have a Public project in a Protected Hub, that project will only be available to participants with access to the Hub. If necessary, you must reassign a project to a Public Hub.

There are two ways to add projects to Hubs:

Assign an Existing Project to the Hub

As a Site Administrator, you can access the complete project list and assign existing projects to a Hub.

  1. Select the project you want to assign from the Projects list.

  2. Go to Settings and use the Assign hub dropdown menu in the Visibility tab to select the correct Hub.

  3. Save your settings.

The project is now assigned to the Hub and ready for you to hand over to your Hub Administrator.

Create Projects Within the Hub

Site Administrators can also create projects as they usually would, but Hub Administrators can only create projects within the Hubs they can access.

To create a project within a Hub:

  1. Go to Projects in the main menu to see the list of projects you can access.

  2. Select Create Project and Add a Title.

  3. Use the Select hub dropdown menu to choose which Hub you want this project to be in.

  4. When you're ready, select Create project to go to the project management screen.

With the project created, you can start building your content or pass it along to a Project Administrator assigned to the Hub.

Hub Reporting

Reporting for Hubs works the same as reporting for consultations in general. However, as with projects, reports are only available for the content that Hub and Projects Administrators can access. There are several reporting functions available, including:

  • Project Reports

  • Tool Reports

  • Text Analysis

  • Survey Analysis

  • Submissions Manager

You can use this information for department-specific reports, if that's how you're using Hubs, or to compare the effectiveness of various tools. Site Administrators can also use our reporting tools to evaluate how different Hubs perform.

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