When you require an excel report of your survey only and not the entire project, you can easily download a survey's report instead of the detailed project report. 

Detailed below are the steps to download your survey only report.

  1. Click on the Reporting and then select Tool Reports. 

2. Select the required projects (not more than 5) from the drop down menu for projects, then select the date range (Choose 'Custom' Date Range to include today's date) and click on Update.

3. Select the 'Download Reports' dropdown and select Surveys from the Detailed Reports section.
Note - If the button is greyed out and not clickable, check that the number of projects selected for this detailed report is only 5 or lesser. 

4. Report download will automatically start once the report is generated. Have a read of the article - the difference between visits, contributions and responses to better understand the numbers you see in the survey report.

To view and manage the documents uploaded by users, you can use the Submissions Manager feature.

If required, also read the article on How do I organize my survey responses by survey question to get the full project and survey report by downloading the detailed project report. This report will include all the survey text responses which are omitted in the PDF reporting.

To learn about other reporting types that are available in EHQ check out our article on  Overview of EHQ Analytics.

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